Client of the Month- Troy Graber

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Congratulations to Troy for all of his success!  Over 20lbs, 8% body fat and 20 points off his blood pressure.    








Here is what Troy had to say in his interview:

1)  How long have you been at Force Fitness?  

3 months

 2)  What have you accomplished since starting? 

 Lost 20 lbs & dropped 8% body fat also lowered my blood pressure by 20 points.  

3)  What are your future goals?

Get down below 200lbs & get my body fat % below 15%.

4) What do you like best about Force Fitness? 

The positive attitude that everyone seems to have staff & clients.  I like the personal attention that the staff give each client & I really feel like my program has been catered to my specific goals.

5)  Why did you start coming to Force Fitness?

My mother had a massive stroke 4 months ago @ 60yrs old that left her unable to walk, at 235lbs 35% body fat with a BP of 140/90 on a good day my doctor said I was heading in the same direction & with two young children I knew it was time for a change.

6) Were you nervous when you started?

Sure I hadn’t trained seriously in almost 20 yrs. 

How do you feel now?

Great, I have more energy and after years of insomnia I am sleeping much better without any sleeping aids.    

7)  What did you do to accomplish your goal?  How days per week?  Nutrition?  Supplements?  
Two days a week personal training & I work out on my own @ least one day per week.  I have been focusing on eating lean protein, eating several small meals throughout the day & no large/heavy meals before bed.  I take fish oil & a multi vitamin every morning.

8) How do your friends and family react to your changes? 

I think the best compliment I have had came from an 8 yr old – when I picked up my daughter from day care last week one of the children asked who I was I told him I was Peyton & Riley’s dad, he pointed to a Christmas card photo on the wall that was taken in September of last year & said “no that’s Peyton’s dad”.  I told him yes that was me to which he responded with ” no way you don’t look anything like that guy”.

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