Co-Boot Camper of the Month- Jessica Russell

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Jessica started with us and had big goals!  She new that she needed to make some changes and just a few months into her journey she is well on her way to reaching her goal.  Even fighting through some serious health issues she has made amazing progress and started changing her life!

Here is Jessica’s interview:

1)  How long have you been at Force Fitness?  

I have been at Force since March 2011. 

2)  What have you accomplished since starting? 

I have lost 45 pounds and have so much more endurance and strength! I, also, just feel better overall!

3)  What are your future goals?

My ultimate goal is to lose about 140 more pounds. A more short term goal is I’d like to be down A total of 80 pounds by the fall. 

4) What do you like best about Force Fitness? 

I have someone there who motivates me to do my best and pushes me to my limit. Pam did a good job of getting me motivated, Amy continues helping me, and my best friend Kristen, who is a camper as well, keeps me going when I want to give up; I am really grateful for all 3 of them. 

5)  Why did you start coming to Force Fitness?

One day I looked in the mirror and decided, this is not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I am only 22 and I feel like I’m trapped in my own body, like I have put on a fat suit with no zipper. I have a 3 year old boy and now a 6 month old girl. When I started boot camp she was only 10 weeks old, it was hard to leave her but I needed to do this. I knew I wanted to lose the weight the old fashioned way and I, quickly, got the ideas of surgery and liposuction out of my head. 

6) Were you nervous when you started?  How do you feel now?

I was terrified when I started. Now, if I miss a day I feel like I have really done something terrible and miss it! haha 

7)  What did you do to accomplish your goal?  How days per week?  Nutrition?  Supplements?  

I did boot camp 3 days a week, now I do 2, I watch my portions the most. I keep an eye on what I’m eating but if there is something on the unhealthy side I watch the portions like a crazy person. 

8) How do your friends and family react to your changes? 

My friends and family are so proud! I have been big all my life and my mom especially is happy I am finally doing something about it. My husband is happy because now he knows if I accomplish my goal I will be around for a lot longer and healthier life with him and our 2 kids.  

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