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Nate Miller

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Tell us what you are trying to accomplish with your training and nutrition right now.  What are your goals?
I would say that I have very general goals. I would like to stay around a certain percentage body fat and increase my general fitness. I have been measuring that by my box jump and chin ups. Both of which have been improving lately, Yah Rah!
Why did you choose this goal?  What motivated you?
Well, I have never been able to jump very high and I have never been able to do many chin ups. I chose them because those things were my weakest links. I figure that if I work out in a balanced way and the weakest link improves, I have gotten better.

Tell us a bit about your training program and why you set it up that way?
I have three set days and a flex day. Two days, typically Monday and Wednesday, are my strength days. I don’t do anything special, just things that Force clients are doing on a regular basis. The third day is a day where I just work on something fun; be it handstands, jumping, rolling, or balancing. I have my main movement be something fun and a couple of full body movements. My Flex day is an opportunity for me, if I feel good, to get outside. Most times these days are with friends and are primarily a social event. I try as often as I can to go to the woods or to a park with my friend’s dog. I have set it up this way because I want my workouts to be fun, to be something that I really look forward to. I have been so busy lately that I just want the time to enjoy being human and use the body that I have. Why have a body and not use it?

Do you use a coach or accountability system to help you?
I totally have an accountability system. My mother, who lives in Muncie, wanted someone to encourage her on her weight loss journey and so I call her every day she is supposed to workout. I moved my workout times to those days and it works to keep me on par too. Not to mention that I have had a wonderful opportunity to keep up with my mother.
Tell us about your nutrition program and why you are following that strategy.
Well, in January I ate strictly whole foods for that month. Since then, I have been hooked on the no processed food and no grains. I noticed that I am sensitive to gluten and I just feel better without it. I have also seen a lot of gains in the gym because of the more nutritious diet. I have grown to love not having to worry too much about calories and just eat the right food worry free. When I do eat processed foods (yes, everyone has to let loose sometimes) it is my all-time guilty pleasure: Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream.

What supplements do you take?
I have not taken any supplements in years. I occasionally take a multivitamin, but that is during the flu season.

What is your daily routine like?
I work first thing in the morning so I wake up early (4:30 a.m.) to have time to make breakfast. I typically have eggs, sweet potato, an apple, some nuts, and coffee. I go off to work and exercise after. I typically have a big post work out meal of meat, veggies, fruit and tea before I run off to class. The rest of my evenings are full of homework and occasional down time before bed at 8:30p.m. My days are slammed lately, but I have found that my time working out has become more and more precious to me as my schedule fills up.

Anything else you want to share?
One of the most important things that I have learned personally in fitness and weight loss is that being mean to yourself does not really work long term. I went through a period of time where I was trying to lose weight and I couldn’t keep it off. It was only when I relaxed and saw that I was only harming myself did the weight loss stick. I have kept of the 40 lbs. that I lost by knowing that if I slip up, it is not the end of the world and that it does not give me license to dig my hole deeper. Perfection is not the goal, being healthy and happy is. If you are not happy along the road to happiness, you have missed a turn somewhere. Enjoy the process; you are caring for yourself, not depriving yourself.

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