Cody Burgess Force Fitness Fat Loss Client Of The Month September 2013

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 Congratulations to Force Fitness Client of The Month Cody Burgess!

Cody lost 50lbs in 2 months and has regained his life!

Cody Burgess

“As I began to type this story, I realized that not one thing has been more important to me than my wife.  She was the one after all who scheduled my consultation. From the time we met, she has been my best friend, and biggest supporter.  Without her, none of this would be possible.  She changes her work schedule so I can go to the gym, takes care of the children when I’m not there, and has made many other sacrifices to support me in this.  I owe my life to her, because she saved mine. She was my first step to my new life, and she will be my last step when this life is over. Though my wife was a catalyst, the fuel was Force.

I always thought gyms were filled with crazy skinny people doing P90X accompanied by treadmills and massive muscle men saying “I lift things up and put things down”. Force is not this. The trainers sincerely want to see improvement in every member. They care about you as a person rather than feigning small talk. The staff at Force makes it easy when getting up early and working out at 7am.  

When I started Force in late July, I weighed 412lbs. Since then I have lost 50lbs (yes that is a small child or Ewok…). I have the same energy as I did doped up on energy drinks.  I feel better both about myself and physically. I was able to do this by going on the Paleo Diet, drinking between 150-200oz of water per day, and exercising four times a week. I cut out many things that weren’t doing me favors such as dairy, pop, fried foods, grains, and bread. The first couple weeks were difficult mentally. You wonder what you are going to eat or how can I sustain this? In fact, I thought about it all the time. Every minute of every day all my brain could think about was food. Losing weight is ALL mental. If you are mentally strong you can do anything…except walk through walls or shoot lasers from your eyes only the X-Men can do these things… and maybe Jedi……

My goals are really simple. First, I want to go to a restaurant and ask for a booth not fearing if it will be too tight. Second, use a public restroom sitting on the wall mounted toilet and not thinking is this the day this toilet flies off spewing water? Third, fly in an air plane and not have to buy two seats or see the “oh shit” look in the eyes of the person you’re sitting next to. Last, I want to ride a roller coaster. I haven’t been able to do this since I was 13 years old. 

Just because I’m featured doesn’t mean I’ve done anything different than a lot of you.  In fact, every time I show up at Force I am inspired and in awe of many of you.  Everyone here works so hard to achieve their own goals. So keep it up guys so that when I’m 250lbs we can all go out to Nicks and grab a pint!

Cody Burgess


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  • Angie

    This is most likely the best client of the month story I have seen thus far. Way to go Cody, you’ve got this!

  • Jay Steele

    Awesome job, Cody! I absolutely love reading these stories. Seeing how lives are literally being transformed at Force makes me so excited to get in there and workout each time. Tell your wife “thank you” from me. Take care.

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