Congrats Tammy Blunk- Boot Camper of the Month!

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Congratulations to Tammy Blunck the Force Fitness Boot Camper of the Month!

Tammy Blunck has been at Force Fitness since April 2011. She has lost 35 pounds since she started and is down 4 dress sizes! Tammy’s future goal is to lose an additional 25 pounds at least, but she doesn’t really focus on the pounds as much as how she feels and how her clothes are fitting. She wants to continue to gain strength and muscle.

Tammy enjoys Force Fitness because of the motivation she has received in making her stronger and healthier. She likes the encouragement that she has received in becoming a more fit and healthy person. She is happy that she has changed her life for the better physically, mentally and nutritionally through Force.

Tammy started Force when a friend of hers was attending and she was noticing how great she looked. Tammy had just met with her physician and it was shared that her weight was obese, blood pressure was extremely high and her blood sugar was borderline for diabetes. She felt like her body was falling apart! She had the option to start exercising, eat healthy and change her lifestyle or take medications for the rest of her life and deal with the things that medication will not fix.

When Tammy first started she was a nervous wreck, as she did not know to cry or walk out at her first workout. She realized that she had allowed herself to go from a pretty active athlete in high school to her thirties and she had just let herself fall apart. She was happy that current members spent the time to encourage her, so she now encourages new members to not quit and keep going. She feels so much better and cannot believe that she has even signed up to be in a mini-marathon.

Tammy is continuing to improve her body and set new goals as she progresses. She has changed her nutrition completely and feels that the Nutrition Group Coaching at Force as she learned how to adjust her diet in a realistic way that is also manageable. She takes the Prograde krill oil and a multivitamin. She also takes a daily protein supplement to help her diet.

Tammy is encouraged by her friends and family and they cannot believe how great she looks and are proud of the life changes she has made. She also says that her Force Fitness family also comments on her changes and encourage her to work hard!

We are proud of the changes and encourage Tammy to keep on pushing toward her goals!

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  • Troy Graber

    Congrats Tammy! Awesome job!

  • Camisha Sims

    Way to go Girl!!!

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