Congrats to Client of the Month- Tedd Green

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Congratulations to Tedd Green the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Tedd Green has been with Force Fitness for about 7 weeks. He has lost 15 pounds since starting with Force Fitness!

Tedd would like to lose an additional 15 pounds to get to his goal weight, and he would like to gain strength, flexibility and balance.

Tedd likes Force because the programs are individualized to his fitness needs. He also likes that clean and professional environment with professionally trained and customer focused staff. He also likes the way Matt yells encouragements across the gym, as they push him through the workout.

Tedd started attending Force Fitness because he had his friends beginning to get fit and in shape and he decided to listen to his wife and looked for a gym that would fit him and what he wanted. He was not nervous to begin, as he was ready to get on an exercise routine. He feels great after his morning exercises!

Tedd attends three personal training mornings a week. He drinks plenty of water and has cut out starchy carbs and has one cheat meal a week. He also takes Prograde protein, vitamins, and krill oil.

His family is very excited for him and extremely supportive in his quest to be more fit and healthy. People ask how much he has lost as they notice the physical change.

We are extremely proud of all the progress that Tedd has accomplished and are excited for him to continue reaching his future goals!

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  • Pat Cullins

    Way to go, Tedd!!

  • Troy Graber

    Wow… 15lbs in 7 weeks way to go Ted!

  • Mary Jo Orlowski

    Hey Tedd-good job! You’re my new inspirations.

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