Congrats to Dawn Volungis our November Client of the Month!

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Dawn is starting her 5th month at Force Fitness and has made great progress!  Enough to make us take notice and earn Client of the Month.  Dawn has changed her body and dropped an amazing 1 dress size PER MONTH!  We couldn’t be more proud to have Dawn apart of the Force Fitness Family.
Dawn: Before and After
She what Dawn has to say about her Force Fitness experience:

1)  How long have you been at Force Fitness?

I am just starting my 5th month.

2)  What have you accomplished since starting?

Since I have been at Force, over the last 4 months, I have lost over 6 inches from every measurement and am down 4 dress sizes (that’s one size a month)!!  Not only have I continued to lose weight steadily but my body shape overall has changed.  I’m more toned and am shrinking out of clothes almost as fast as I can buy them.

3)  What are your future goals?

Eventually I want to get to an ideal weight but more than that I just want to be healthy and active.  I love how coming to Force has increased my endurance and I am not as intimidated by trying new things physically, like I might have been in the past.  I finally am in a size that I don’t remember being in over 10 years.

4) What do you like best about Force Fitness?

I love how the workouts are always changing.  Ryan is always finding unique ways to challenge us.  I appreciate working with staff who have the educational training and are also friendly and approachable.  I put a lot of trust in Ryan because I know he has succeeded with his own personal weight loss and has maintained it long term.   I enjoy seeing the other clients have great results too.  It also helps to see them working hard because then I know I am not in it alone and their attitude motivates me.

5)  Why did you start coming to Force Fitness?

I had been working out consistently for a year and felt like my weight loss has stalled.  I wanted a program that would challenge my skills and help me achieve better results.  I also really wanted help with nutrition and meal planning.  With so many options out there it can be hard to decide what works best so Force made that very easy.   I wanted to work with staff who were going to be a little harder on me too and push me when I felt I couldn’t do something.

6) Were you nervous when you started?  How do you feel now?

I was very nervous when I started.  When I came in to see the space and saw equipment I had never used I was a little worried.  But the great thing is that you have to start somewhere and that first month was intense but I made it through.  Even through the periods of muscle soreness I just kept showing up and working through.  I don’t feel nervous now about coming in.  I know there might be new exercises added to my program but it all builds on the work I have done over these last 4 months.

7)  What did you do to accomplish your goal?  How days per week?  Nutrition?  Supplements?

I did personal training for 3 days a week.  I also supplemented my program at Force with some jogging and dance classes.  I follow Force’s nutrition plan.  I use Prograde VGF 25+, Prograde Lean, and Prograde Complete Meal Replacement.  I also take fish oil, Vitamin B-Complex, and Vitamin D (various brands) supplements.  I posted a bunch of “before” pictures of myself all around my kitchen.  It’s a great visual reminder to keep strong and on the right path.

8) How do your friends and family react to your changes?

I have received a lot of compliments and people are always asking what I am doing different.  When friends and family who I haven’t seen in a while see pictures of me they are amazed.  The words of encouragement from everyone has helped me push harder and recommit to working hard every time.

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    Congratulations Dawn! I’m super proud of you…keep up the great work.


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