Congrats to Justin Hobbs, Client of the Month

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Justin Hobbs started training at Force two months ago and has since lost 30 pounds! He has worked extremely hard, has gained strength, flexibility, and the confidence to push himself through his workouts!

Justin started training to get back in shape and lose weight. He also loves to cycle and has been biking on a regular basis.

When Justin started he was nervous and wasn’t sure he could “hack it.” He proved that he can hold his own in the gym and continues to work tremendously hard. Justin loves being pushed by the Force staff and the nonconventional gym atmosphere.

Justin trains 3 days each week and does his best to eat clean. Justin takes the Prograde multi-vitamins and protein. He follows the Force nutrition plan and tries his best to eat veggies, though he admits he does not like them!

Justin’s friends and family can’t believe how much he has accomplished in such a short time. His wife Hope and son John have also started training here at Force. Justin plans to continue losing weight and getting into better shape! Congratulations Justin you have worked so hard and truly earned your results! Great work!!


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