Congrats to Our Clients of the Month

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Congratulations to Michele Moore the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Michele Moore started at Force Fitness September 2011. Since starting she has lost over 24 pounds and over 9 inches total. She is happy that she is feeling better, and is not tired and sluggish, like when she first started.  She has more energy and is almost down two pant sizes.

Michele wants to continue to build her stamina and strength, and has a personal goal of being able to do a pull up. She would also like to be a part of the “normal weight” category. She enjoys being at Force because the trainers really push her and encourage her. She enjoys the family atmosphere and that everyone enjoys being there.

Michele started at Force because in September she was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. She had always worked on losing weight before, but always gained it back. She knew that when her doctor looked at her and said she needed to make lifestyle changes that she needed to listen! She says she was a “scared little mouse” when she first started, but knew after the first night that she could do this. She now loves coming to Force and knows that it is helping her reach her goals.

Michele works out three nights a week and attends a weekly nutrition coaching group. She says that the nutrition was the hardest part, so she joined the nutrition coaching group, and joined the Force Google group, to be held accountable and is able to ask questions and receive a lot of information and feedback.

Michele’s family supports her daily in her journey to get helalthier. She has co-workers coming up to her and commenting on how much weight she has lost which makes her feel good about her changes. She is on a great track to reach all her weight loss goals, and we are excited to see her reach those goals!


Congratulations to Maryellen Spreen the Force Fitness Athlete of the Month!

Force Fitness and Performance is proud to honor Maryellen Spreen as our newest Athlete of the Month for her outstanding accomplishments in the gym. All of the coaches agree that she has set the bar high for future female athletes in the gym.  She is always enthusiastic, on time, and ready to put in the work to become a great athlete.


Maryellen has been training with Force for the past 7 months to become a better cheerleader and dancer.  With her hard work, improved strength and explosiveness she has seen her tumbling and jumps improve.  Her improved strength has shown itself in the gym as well: Maryellen has completed a Turkish Get Up with a 20 kg kettlebell!!


Maryellen says that she is motivated by becoming stronger with each workout. She knows that all her effort will lead her to her goals of continued improvement of her tumbling and jumps.


Congratulations Maryellen we are proud to have you as part of our team of Indiana’s Best Athletes!


Congratulations to Robin Smith and Carol Ewer the Force Fitness Co-Boot Campers of the Month!

Robin and Carol started at Force Fitness in September for our 28 Day Challenge. Since starting, they have lost weight, changed what they eat, and have become stronger. They are happy because they have not seen these bodies in a long time.

Robin and Carol retired to take care of themselves and not be working so hard. When they reach their goals for their weight and nutrition, Robin would like to take up rowing and Carol may return to her Healing Touch practice again, but at this time they will use their new bikes that they got for Christmas!

Robin and Carol enjoy the community feeling of Force, as they even refer to Force as their community since they are still new to Bloomington. They started coming to Force after they saw all the progress one of their friends had made in attending boot camp for a year. When the opportunity came up for the 28 Day Challenge they decided to try it out, and started right up after a 10 day vacation.

Robin and Carol were nervous when they first started as their extent of physical activity was walking or a hike here and there. They were concerned that at 64 they might not be able to do the exercises or keep up with the younger participants. Now, they have postponed any vacation and their normal three month getaway to the beach during the winter, so they can attend boot camp and keep progressing to their goals.

Robin and Carol attend boot camp 3 sessions a week with an occasional added session. They also attended Ryan’s 6 week nutrition class and have followed a 5-6 small meal a day plan. They also take the Prograde workout and Prograde vitamins every day.

Robin and Carol’s friends and family encourage them to continue reaching their goals are excited to see them once they will be able to take a vacation again! We encourage them to keep up the hard work!

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  • Troy Graber

    Congrats to the December clients of the month.. all well deserved, especially Robin & Carol I know you ladies have worked hard & it shows!!!!

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