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Client of the Month- Leigh Ann Dixon











Leigh Ann has been with Force for a little over three months. She has lost 25lbs, reduced body fat by 4.6% and a total of 11 inches, all in 12 weeks. Her future goals include 20lbs weight loss, gain muscle tone, and strength.

Leigh Ann likes the comprehensiveness of Force Fitness the best. She says that Force Fitness is not just a gym where you come to work out; it is a place where you can learn about nutrition, mobility, health, and much more. She says the trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful.  They have all helped not just with her weight loss, but also in making her healthy overall.

Leigh Ann started coming to Force Fitness for two main reasons. The first reason was that she had heard that Force Fitness was where you go if you are serious about getting into shape and her second reason was that she lives close to the facility, so it is convenient for her to get to the gym for a workout.

Leigh Ann was very nervous when she started, because she had no idea what to expect and all her mind was allowing her to picture, was that she had just enlisted in the Army. She was glad to find out that she wasn’t scared after she started the program and was glad that she was pushed outside of her comfort and strength zone. She realizes that it was truly what she needed to make the changes that she has at this point in her fitness.

Leigh Ann started out doing strength training 3 days a week at 6 am. After about a month, she decided she wanted to do more, so she bumped it up to 5 days a week by adding 2 days of metabolic workouts. Leigh Ann has also completely changed her nutrition, from eating whatever she wanted to making sure that each meal contains a lean protein, vegetable, and a healthy fat, while controlling her portion sizes. Leigh Ann also uses supplements along with her nutrition plan including, Prograde Women’s VGF 25+ multivitamin and Prograde EFA Icon.

Leigh Ann’s friends and family are really happy and supportive of her lifestyle change. She says that now that her hard work is visible she has gotten so many dramatic reactions and a lot of people want to know how she did it. She said she smiles and says Force Fitness!

Boot Camper Of The Month- Mary Sowders

Mary Sowers started with Force Fitness in January 2012. She has lost 20 pounds and dropped 2 (almost 3) dress sizes. She has also been able to tone and add strength, which makes her happy because she is seeing muscle tone in her arms, where she did not see it before.

Mary says, she WILL lose another 30 pounds by the end of the year! She has started to participate in local 5K’s and will start and finish the Hilly Hundred in 2013 and run in the Indy Mini-Marathon next May.

Mary says she enjoys the team camaraderie that she gets at Force. She says that everyone, staff and clients, are so supportive. She says the philosophy seems to be, “We are all in this together!” She enjoys that everyone pushes themselves, which makes you dig a little deeper and push harder and leave knowing that you have given your best effort.

Mary started with us because a friend invited her for the transformation challenge in January. After seeing the success that her friend had, she decided it was time to try it. She has been hooked ever since. She wasn’t nervous when she first started, as she loves trying new things and meeting new people. She knew that it was going to be tough, and went into it with the mindset of “the weight did not come on overnight, so it will come off slow and steady.”

Mary works out about 5 or 6 days a week, and attends to boot camp days with Force Fitness. On the weekends she attends 5K’s and bike rides in the area. She is always looking for new fun and challenging things to do, so she does not get bored.  She knows that nutrition is “key” in reaching her future goal of 30 additional pounds lost. This is an area that she still struggles with and continues to work with it while staying in her workout routine.

Mary’s family and friends are all impressed with her results and still say “wow” when they see her and the progress she has made. We encourage her to keep working hard and cannot wait to see her reach her goals.

Champion of the Month- Braydon Crow

Force Fitness and Performance is happy to announce that Braydon Crowe has been named our athlete of the month. He has been chosen by the entire team at Force Fitness as the athlete of the month for his incredible work ethic and dedication to achieving his goals.

Braydon has received the honor of athlete of the month faster than any other athlete we have had because of an incredible drive to be the best basketball player he can be. Braydon decided a mere 5 weeks ago that he wanted to change his future in basketball and work to become stronger, faster, and a better jumper. Although he has only been training with us for 5 weeks the combination of his program and his hard work have helped him achieve those goals.

Going forward Braydon wants to play in the starting five for the Eastern Greene basketball team next fall.  He stays motivated for each training session because of this desire and says that training sessions are easier because “all the coaches are there to lend a hand and push you toward your goals.”

We know with his progress so far that Braydon is a better basketball player, and with his work ethic it is certain that he will be a starter for Eastern Greene this coming winter.

Congratulations Braydon!

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  • Barbs Factora

    Congratulation Leigh, I workout w/ her every tue and thur 6:00am PT and she really work hard. proud of you keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Leigh Ann Dixon

    Thanks Barbs! I appreciate the kind words. You have worked very hard and gotten outstanding results yourself so it means alot coming from you!

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