Congratulations Brian Ellison and Adam Reinhart!

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Each month our entire team chooses a monthly award winner for each of our training programs.  This winner is acknowledged and placed on our Wall of Fame to be forever engrained in Force history.  Each month it is a heated battle between a few people that have displayed the commitment, effort, results and Force lifestyle that we require to win this award.

If you look back on the Wall of Fame, 90% of these people are still training hard and putting forth the effort needed to reach their goals.

Once a year we have the toughest selection of them all present itself!  We have to pick our Clients of the Year.  It is a tough battle and something that isn’t to determine.  We are lucky to be able to work with a great group of people that live life the Force way.  This year was incredibly tough, we had to really battle it out to see who would get the honor.

These guys are special to all of us at Force. Not only do they work hard to reach the goals they set for themselves, they consistently show up for workouts, put in the work and motivate other clients as well.


Our first award winner is Brian Ellison!

Brian started with us in January of 2011, so it has been exactly one year.  When he arrived he set a goal of losing 60lbs.  He reach this goal in early December and is now on to improving his body in other ways and tackling new obstacles.  I can say that Brian is someone that rarely, if ever, misses a day of training, brings in his family to train as well and full embraces the lifestyle changes that we promote.   We couldn’t be more proud of Brian!

Here is what Brian had to say in his own words:rian for all that he has achieved and everything that is to come for him in the future.

1) Why did you want to start a fitness program?
I wanted to get control over my body, I was not happy with the way I looked and I also had high cholesterol.     I also had back pain when I drove my car and soreness in my legs.     During the past year I have corrected my cholesterol, and do not needs drugs to control it and by back pain, and soreness is gone.
2) What prompted you to choose Force?
My bother-in-law had been going to Force for awhile, and I had received some gift cards for Christmas last year so I thought I would give it a try.     I also liked the idea of having a specialized program just for my needs, I like being able to go to Force and not have to think about exercising to get the body I want, I just have to do it.
3) What have been the biggest challenges over the past year/your time at Force?
Diet.     I like to eat and drink, which is very difficult to control.     Once I was able to get that under control it was easy to loss the wieght.
4) How have you overcome these challenges?
I weight myself every morning and mark it on a calendar.     If I saw success on my wieght then I just tried to replicate what I did the day before again.     If I noticed an increase I tried to figure out what I did the day before and limit that item or action in the future.
5) What have you accomplished since starting with Force?
Over the past few months?    I’m going to let my numbers show my accomplishments.      My first weight in at Force was Dec 31, 2010 and my last wieght in happened on Dec 5, 2011, these numbers are from that period, next one will be Jan 2.
                    Dec 31, 2010       Dec 5, 2011     Difference
Weight        247.4                    188.2                59.2 weight lost
 Right arm    15                          12                    3
Chest          45                         39.75                5.25
Waist          43.5                      34.5                 9
Belly button 46                        36.25                9.75
Hips            48                        40.5                  7.5
Thigh           27.5                     21                     6.5
Total inches 225                      184                   41 total inches lost.
Also I have control over my cholesterol and I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t in years.
6) What programs do you do and supplements do you use?
Prograde Lean and prograde workout.     I also have taken there vitamins for a few months but have not in a while.
7) What advice can you give others that are starting where you started at?     Block out the time in your calendar and make excerise a priority, once you do it will help you feel better and I have found it reduces my stress level at work.
8) What do love most about Force?
 The people, and that I don’t have to think about what I need to do in the gym, its all in my book.     I also like the fact that it changes every 4 weeks so I don’t get bored.     I also like the fact that I can keep track of my progress and see how much I have improved over the year.
9) What other accomplishments have you achieved?
During the time I have been working out at Force I was able to build my confidence to try a 120 mile bicycle ride from Lafayette to Bloomington, this was a two day ride and was a funder raiser for IU Habitat for Humanity.      My daugther had ask me to give the ride a try and with my success at Force I thought why not, I also talked her into going as well.     It was great to be able to complete something like that with my oldest daughter.

Our second client of the year is Adam Reinhart.  

Adam is a guy that I have a lot of respect and admiration towards.  If Adam isn’t in the gym one day, and I honestly mean any day of the week, our entire staff is concerned for him. Adam is a training machine!  He comes every morning at 6am to rotate boot camp workouts with strength training workouts and every single morning the guy arrives with a smile on his face and a great attitude.  He is welcoming to all of our new clients and old clients alike, making sure that they know they can get results too if they just put in the work.  He is Force Fitness.
There aren’t many people that I try to workout with when I hop in a Saturday morning conditioning workout with our clients, but I know if I get in a group with Adam I am sure to be pushed to work hard.
Adam did an amazing write up for us and I will let him talk about his experience in his own words:
I have been pretty athletic my entire life. I had never really considered myself to be out of shape or overweight. But, the full length mirror in my bedroom doesn’t lie. I was disappointed with what I saw in that mirror when I walked by. I was tired all the time, and just generally felt bad. All of the sudden I was dealing with high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It gets worse: my doctor tells me that these are weight related issues, and I need to lose 40lbs—something I knew already!
Dr. Fox originally told me about Ryan & Will at Force Fitness. My daughter had ACL surgery and he suggested that I take her there to help with her rehab since they worked with youth athletes. After seeing her positive results, I knew I needed to give it a try. I signed up for boot camp 3 days a week. I needed something or someone to hold me accountable, and that’s one of the best things about Force Fitness —accountability!
The 6:00am boot camp was the only class that fit into my busy schedule, and unfortunately one of my biggest challenges, especially in the beginning. The act of getting up every morning to go work out was quite a change from the norm that I had gotten used to. But after a couple of mornings of making every excuse under the sun not to go, and my wife saying, “…you’re just wasting your money…” I knew I had to change my lifestyle and make it a priority. It HAS to be a priority!
That priority has turned into an addiction and now I’ve lost 30 lbs, and I am so much stronger than I ever thought possible. I have competed in a Mudathlon, a Warrior Dash & a 10 mile Tough Mudder advertised to be “probably the toughest event on the planet”. Not to mention the fact that I took 1st place in the male division of the Force Fitness Combine, over some very fit competition. I’m probably stronger at 41 than I was at 20 thanks to Ryan & the Force Fitness Team.
One other thing that has helped me along the way is learning more about my body thanks to Ryan, Jayson Hunter at Prograde, the Force coaches and just internet reading. There are things that will work for you and things that won’t. Everyone is different. Don’t give up, you will find what works. Just educate yourself.
You know the thing I probably love most about Force is the people I train with, the coaches and the continual challenges. I’ve made so many good friends it’s as if we’re a family. Now even my friends at boot camp hold me accountable. I don’t want to miss, I love seeing my friends in the mornings and everyone’s support & encouragement is awesome. What a way to start your day!
I go to boot camp 4 times a week, and 2 days of strength training. I use several products, most of which Force Fitness offers:
·         Hot Rox Extreme (metabolism booster)
·         Prograde EFA Icon (Krill Oil)
·         Prograde K20 (testosterone booster)
·         Prograde PGF 25+ (multi-vitamin)
·         Prograde Genesis (greens supplement)
·         Bio Test Creatine
·         Prograde Fusion (protein)
·         Dymatize Elite Gourmet (protein)
The only advice I would have for someone that is starting where I did is that it has to be a lifestyle change & a priority. You have to want it for you. Stick with it! Trust me, it gets easier. Just listen to Ryan, Wil and the Force Fitness coaches, they want to see results as much as you do, I promise!
A special thank you goes to Ryan, Branden, Rod, Amber, Pam, Matt & George for continually pushing me through, you guys really inspire me to work hard. Thank you!
Last but not least I would like to thank Wil and the rest of the Force Fitness team for taking such good care of my youth athlete and daughter Kacey. I know she is always in good hands with you guys. Thank you!
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  • Angie

    Both of these guys are extremely deserving of the honor! I see both Adam and Brian in the gym frequently and they give their all every time they are at Force. Congratulations, guys!

  • Troy Graber

    Congratulations to both Adam & Brian – you guys deserve it!

  • April

    Great work, Adam!

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