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One conversation comes up many times with our clients that want to be in incredible shape or that have made incredible transformations.    This conversation involves maintaining progress or living a “normal” life after you have made tremendous progress.

How in the world are you supposed to live a normal life and not lose everything you have worked so hard to obtain?

I have a very simple answer for all of these people….

If you wanted to be normal you would be overweight, unhealthy and inactive.  That seems to be what normal means to us now.  You would eat processed carbs, fast food and sugary junk for the majority of your meals.  You would be on a path of physical destruction for your body and health.

That usually gets me a look of amazement.

Think about it for just a second.  What is normal for us?

Once you have accomplished something extraordinary, such as a physical transformation, your will have a new normal.   If you want to be in incredible shape your normal will have to be adjusted for your new lifestyle.

Once you have established a new baseline for normal you can adjust your lifestyle around it instead of our society’s perception of normal.  The truth of the matter is that most people aren’t willing to work at establishing this new normal lifestyle and thus cannot maintain their results.  You have to be strong and stubborn to create your own set of guidelines for what is normal.

Having 10% body fat isn’t normal for most Americans.

Training 3-4 times per week isn’t normal for Americans.

Avoiding starchy, processed carbs isn’t normal.

Heck, pretty soon being overweight or obese will be the new normal.

If these things are normal, I don’t mind being abnormal!

Consider if what you did to get to your new weight or to achieve the body of your dreams was normal and then let me know if you think that you can go back to being a lazy, out of shape, junk food eating normal person and keep those results?

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