Do you workout enough?

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I have to admit that I am one of those people that feels like I MUST train at least 6 days per week.  Typically I workout Monday-Saturday and use Sunday as a recovery day for myself.  However, there are times when I train on Sunday as well or perform some type of light activity.

Often times people will ask us at Force how many times should I be working out.   I hate to say it but there is no perfect answer!  It really all depends on your schedule and goals.

In a perfect world we could balance your strength training, metabolic training and active recovery to get incredible results.  However, most of us just don’t have the schedule that allows for that, especially when you factor in nutrition as a huge part of recovery and being able to train at an increased frequency without injuring yourself.

My training program utilizes 2-3 strength training days with a focus on core work, power, combinations movements and strength movements.  On this day I am typically doing tons of work with ab wheels, cables, bands and Medballs for core work, jumping for power, dumbbells and cables for combination work and then barbells and db’s for strength.

I rotate my training exercises and reps every 4 weeks in this type of training.

My Workout A (you know what this means if you train at Force) is as follows:


1A Ab Wheel Rollouts 3×15 no rest move to 1B

1B Cable Wood Chops Hi to Low 3×10 each no rest move back to 1A
2A Single Leg Hurdle Hops  4×5 each leg  30-60s rest between sets
3A Cable Reverse Lunge + Single Arm Row at bottom 3x 8ea 30s rest between sets
4A Front Squat 4×6 30s rest
4B Alt DB Bench Press 4×6 30s rest
5A TRX Leg Curl 4×10 30s rest
5B 3 Point DB Single Arm Ros 4×10 each 30s rest
Simple and to the point.
I try to get in 3 of these a week depending on my travel schedule.
I also am using a program designed by my good friend BJ Gaddour that he sent me for my metabolic workouts.  I get in at least 3 of these per week to increase my conditioning and keep lean.  These workouts are very much designed like boot camp workouts.
***See, even I hire coaches…..
Then once per week I train martial arts with my coach, you may know this guy :), Branden Price.  Branden works with me on Kick Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and a few other martial arts for one hour each week.
Often times I over do my workouts and I really have to monitor my recover.  About every 4th week I back down on strength work and tone down the metabolic work to get in a recovery day here and there.  But, for some reason, I feel like I need to sweat!
I am lucky to be able to make time to get in my workouts, but I also travel a lot and a wrench gets thrown in the system every now and then.  This past week I was on the road from Mon-Wed.  I also was gone Friday and Saturday of last week.  So that means in the past 7 days I was gone for 5.  Not the perfect situation for diet and training.
In these cases I adjust my training to fit it in whenever I can and get in whatever I can.  20-30 minutes of strength or metabolic work in the mornings may be all I can handle and that is fine, I tend to maintain my progress.
If you are running into some training troubles make sure you let your coaches know or adjust your workouts yourself (if you aren’t training at Force) to fit your schedule.
If you can only workout twice per week I suggest you dial down your eating, you won’t need as many calories to support your current weight, and stick to big bang for your buck exercises and do then in a metabolic workout.
If you train 3 days per week I would suggest getting in 1-2 strength days and 1-2 metabolic days depending on your goals.  For fat loss increase the metabolic days, for strength or size increase the strength days.
If you are a nut like me I would keep a pretty even mix.
The key is have fun, don’t think it is the end of the world if you miss a training day, and try to be consistent.  In a perfect world we would have you training 5 days per week with a great mix of strength and metabolic work to get you incredible results, however we know that isn’t always the case so you have to make the best of your situation.
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