Early Youth Development

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Most of our blog posts, newsletters and info we send out via those mediums is geared towards fat loss, adult training, fitness or nutrition.  Most of active readers are looking for that information, but what about the kids?

This time of year and a few conversations that I have had in the past week have lead me to think I need to write something for the kids, or at least about the kids!

I would hope that most of you that read this know that we have a very active youth training program, Athletic Revolution, at Force Fitness.  This program focuses on training our youth from the ground up, using developmental training programs that teach them how to move, empower them to have success and breeds confidence in each kid, athlete or not.

Often times we get asked what age a kid can start training.  There are a lot of different answers that can be applied here, but our answer is as soon as they are ready!

We love to start working with kids at the age of 9  or 10.  At this point we can actively work to make the youth more athletic, develop fundamental movement patterns that will eventually allow them to develop as an athlete or in movement.   We don’t load the kids up with weight, we don’t push them to their limits.  The key to making this a not only a productive training session for the kids and making this something they will see as a lifelong habit is making it fun and enjoyable.

For our early youth development programs we focus on doing a ton of different bodyweight movements, medicine ball throwing, teaching them how to run, change direction and perform a lot of the basic movements you would use later correctly in a fun atmosphere.

Once we have established the basic movement patterns we can move on to using some weight as they get into the 12 and 13 year old age range.

Fact of the matter is kids don’t get to play as much and spend more time than ever sitting on the couch playing video games and watching TV.  They don’t get as much recess at school and PE time is being cut all of the time.

Our kids simply aren’t getting the chance to develop on their own anymore!  They specialize in sports too early, they specialize in training too early, and they are too inactive or burnt out to do any real play.

We train all of our youth to be more athletic.  Regardless of the sport they play, even if they don’t play a sport, being more athletic will benefit them not only in the immediate future but over their lifetime.

Don’t hold your kids back by not letting them be as active as they really want to be!  Most kids truly love playing if given the chance and they need the personal interaction of their peers to develop socially and emotionally.  Chatting over the internet, texting or gaming isn’t  going to benefit their development!

I truly believe that we not only have the best athletic training and developmental program in the area, state and maybe country, but I also am adamant that we have the programs in place to develop character, morals, development and create amazing human beings with our early youth development programs.

If you have read thus far in the post you obviously have some skin in the game so to speak and have an interest in your child or children in general being the best athlete and person that they can be.   Shoot me an email so that we can get you set up with a free 14 day trial to see just how much your kid love the program.  If they don’t love the training, have a blast and get the chance to develop as a person you are out nothing but a few weeks of great training.  If your kids love it we would love to invite them to be apart of some of the most amazing kids in Bloomington, and the country, working with us!   We have programs that meet everyone’s needs, times, and budget.  Just let us know how we can help.

Email either myself (rtketchum@gmail.com) or Wil (wtflemin@gmail.com) with questions or to get your little athlete set up for success.   Mention the blog post to us before Monday 12/7 and get your first month for just $1!

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