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I think that over time we have made fat loss nutrition too complex.  Honestly it is very simple!  I am going to layout everything you need to know to get incredible results in this one simple blog post.

I understand that nutrition can be complicated and implementing it in a way that you can still have a normal life is tough.  This plan is very easy to implement no matter your current situation, you only have to be willing to do it.  I have used this method on the road travelling and got incredible results.  There is no secret, it is about discipline.  Keep your hand out of the cookie jar and you don’t ever have to worry about being caught!  Keep unhealthy foods out of your mouth and you don’t have to worry about gaining weight!  Or not losing it.

Over the past decade it has been popular to recommend 5-6 meals per day.  I questioned this theory about a year ago and feel that it often times opens us up to failure.  It gives us six opportunities to overeat or eat something we shouldn’t.  It is time consuming and difficult to plan out 6 meals evenly spaced apart.  In fact, the new wave in nutrition is intermittent fasting.  This is something that I have tried and had some success with but it requires great discipline and isn’t for the weight loss beginner.

At this point I am going to recommend 3, maybe 4 eating opportunities per day.  The extra, or 4th meal, would come on training days and be in the form of your pre workout shake.

This makes it very simple.  Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not too tough, just eat what you are supposed to eat.  You don’t have to worry about anything.  If you feel like you need an extra snack then Prograde BCAAs or Prograde Fusion are great sources for snacks that control calories and have been shown to enhance your fat loss results.  In fact I am getting ready to start implementing a BCAA “snack” routine for myself to get in summer shape.  This will help me keep my muscle mass and drop some extra fat that I have left to burn.

During your breakfast I would lean towards either a protein shake with flax meal (my new favorite mix for this is Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond/Coconut Milk Blend) and some greens.  There are tons of smoothie and shake recipes out there, in fact we have given away several of them on this very blog.  I would avoid fruit in your shake and simply keep the protein in at this point.   If you MUST have a carbohydrate this is the time to do it, but for best results I would eliminate it.   If you choose to eat a regular meal then I would start with an omelet.  2-3 whole eggs, some veggies and a small amount of cheese.  Eat and be done.  You don’t need anything else.

I know that some people will complain about not having enough options, so I would also recommend low fat cottage cheese, 1 scoop of protein and 1 tbsp of peanut butter.  Mix it together and you ahve a great breakfast.

There are obviously hundreds of options that would fit our guidelines for breakfast, but I am trying to make this simple.  You don’t need options you need results!

If you choose to use other options stick to protein and veggies with some fat.  That is very simple.  I don’t care if you eat filet and asparagus in the morning, as long as it fits those guidelines.

Lunch and dinner should follow the same principles.  Protein, veggies, some fat.  That is it.  No starchy carbs.   If you are already lean and handle carbs well you may be able to add in rice or a sweet potato in the meal that follows your training session for the day, but you have to understand your body to know if that is the fastest way to get results.  If you are going to eat those carbs you better earn them in the gym.  Oh, and cardio doesn’t count.

Stop whining about getting in your carbs and just eat according to the plan.

Here is our go to guideline for what your plate should look like from John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition Team.

I have already hit on snacks. So we don’t need to cover that again.











During the rest of the day what should you drink?  Water is obviously the best thing to drink throughout the day, but coffee is fine (no added BS frothy latte mocha whatever), unsweetened tea or green tea (actually about any color tea is fine), crystal light, diet pops.  As long as it doesn’t have calories you can drink it.   I get it!  I love Diet Mountain Dew, coffee, and all that other stuff that you are not “supposed” to drink.  I have also been very lean.

Avoid alcohol if possible. Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are thinking.  Yes, I love my beer.  I also know that to get lean and strip fat off my body fast I can’t have it.  The fastest way to strip fat off your body is to cut it out.  Let’s face it no only does it add in extra calories but it usually leads to eating stuff we shouldn’t and a hangover the next day that has us continue our poor eating habits.  If you can handle a few drinks once a week and get results then power to you.

If you do drink what should you have?  I think that vodka with diet lemon lime soda water and a lime is great.  Try drinks without sugary mixers and if you have beer just enjoy it.  Oddly enough Guinness is a great choice and lower calorie without tasting like one of those watered down 55, 64 or other numbered flavored waters that some companies sell.

That is pretty much it!  Very simple.

Drink Water or other non calorie drinks

Eat Protein Veggies and some Fat three times a day

Snack on BCAAs or Fusion

Get in your workouts.


This may not have been revolutionary but it is a great start.  I will key in on other factors in the weeks to come so that you can plan out your details, but this is really all you need to get great results.

Just so that you know how serious I am about this:

1) Eat Protein, Veggies, and Fats,

2) Stop Eating Carbs

3) Drink water or other non calorie drinks

4) Work your butt off in the gym. 

5) Repeat every day



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