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Recently Charles Barkley has been seen on tv promoting weight watchers for men.  While I won’t go into my feelings of Charles, weight watchers, or any other program for that matter I am going to start spreading the word for the biggest thing to hit Force and Bloomington in a long time.
I was lucky enough to be asked by Personal Trainer Food, some of you may know this as Meal Movement, to put together a NATIONAL transformation contest for them.  I didn’t have enough other things to do (wink, wink) so I took on the project.
I was hesitant at first to take on the challenge, but then I thought about the great results we have seen from our clients at Force that have taken the Personal Trainer Food Challenge and started a 28 day plan with them.  Combined with their training here at Force they have all lost on average 15-18 lbs in the first month.  And these aren’t beginners, many of them have been training for a while.
This 8 week contest will give you amazing workouts, simple and easy nutrition, and the chance to win $1000 cold, hard cash from Force.
On top of all that, our local winner will be put up against the other locations winners to see who made the biggest transformation.  One of the 50 or so local winners will be announced as the National Transformation Champion and have a chance to win some great prizes from Personal Trainer Food, which include a spot in their national commercial and a place as their spokesperson!
This is an amazing opportunity for each of you.  I wouldn’t turn it down.
You don’t have to use the Personal Trainer Food, but I highly recommend it.  It will make this 8 weeks go much easier and your transformation much greater.
Our current members will even get the chance to enter for no cost!   New members can get a discounted rate to start and jump in the contest.
We have covered all your bases and have made this as easy as possible to get the results you want.  We are only letting 50 people into this contest, so hurry and get signed up today.
You can find out all the details and get registered here: http://www.bloomingtonpersonaltraining.com/transformation
Don’t let yourself miss out on this opprotunity!
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