Fit NOT Fat Holiday Nutrition Plan

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It is almost that time of year, I can feel it in the air.

It is that time when holiday parties start happening, we get really busy and people tend to gain weight.  A lot of weight.  It is almost as if they give up and forget about where they want to be in hopes that they will turn it all around when they make their New Year’s Resolution.

You couldn’t make a bigger mistake!

My wife and I are hitting our nutrition hard right before the holidays to ensure we are in amazing shape when the New Year arrives.   We have some incentive as well!  We get to go to Hawaii in mid January for a good friends wedding and a little R&R, and we don’t want to be the ones that people are watching on their whale watching tours 🙂

To make progress during this time of year takes dedication.  I know that we will have to attend events and parties that leave us helpless when it comes to nutrition.  So what I have planned is a very strict, low calorie, and low carb plan that is sure to get me lean even if I have a few slip ups.

Here is how simple the plan is for us:


Meal 1- Super Shake or Prograde Lean Shake

Meal 2-  Prograde Fusion

Meal 3 –  Palm Sized Portion of Protein and Green Veggies

Meal 4 –  Prograde Fusion

Meal 5- Palm Sized Portion of Protein and Green Veggies

Saturday-  This is my wildcard day!  I will eat well in the AM and then leave the final two meals open.

Meal 1 –  Prograde Lean or Super Shake

Meal 2-Prograde Fusion

Meal 3- Prograde Fusion

Meal 4-5-  Open for increased healthy carbs or complete cheat meal

Tip:  A great meal at this point would be one that has some type of whole grain, oatmeal or other type of healthy complex carbs (potatoes and sweet potatoes included).     To make great progress I would simply use this strategy and not cheat, but that isn’t going to happen every week.

Sunday- Get back to lean day

Meal 1 –  Protein option (eggs, etc) and a 30g of healthy carbs (my choice will probably be protein pancakes)

Protein Pancakes-  1 Cup of Plain Oatmeal, 1 Cup Cottage Cheese (low fat), 1 Egg – use water to thin out if needed.    If you want more protein you can add in one scoop of vanilla protein powder.   Cover is Smart Balance Omega-3 Butter and some sugar free syrup or fruit jam!   YUM!!!!!

Meal 2- Prograde Fusion

Meal 3- Super Shake or Lean

Meal 4- Protein and veggies as used in meals during the week.

I will post some recipes and meal options as well as a couple of videos through out the week to help you out some more.

If you need a little more help our Registered Dietitian, Ashley Sweeney, will be holding a weekly class to ensure that you are getting the results you want.  It is an 8 week class that meets on Wednesday night throughout the holidays.   I can’t think of a better way to stay accountable.  To register email her at

P.S. Don’t forget to register for the Freaky Fat Loss Workout!   

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