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I was looking around this week and checking out some of the fitness trends and gift ideas for the upcoming holidays and I was happy to see that many of the trends are already in place at Force Fitness and many gift ideas are easily provided by us as well.

I was a little taken back by a lot of magazines and articles listing Zumba as a fitness trend for 2012. Seriously?
So I am going to list my own list of trends that I think will be big in 2012.

1) A focus on higher quality training!

With the hundreds of fitness DVD’s, online programs and other technology driven fitness resources becoming readily available to the masses I think that high quality coaching is going to be a big factor in keeping people healthy and fit. Not everyone can simply perform the latest and greatest crazy, jump all over the place fitness DVD without getting hurt. In fact, most people aren’t capable of performing half the movements safely.

2) Valuable Fitness Resources To Do At Home

This is something I have fought with for years and tried to provide with no luck. I need to make sure we have a quality fitness product that people can do at home each month to enhance results or use if they aren’t capable of coming to the gym. One of my good friends has started to do this and we will be investigating this more in the future.

3) Larger Focus on Non-Traditional Workouts and Tools

Things like the TRX, Sleds, Prowlers, Ropes and Sandbags will become the popular way to train. Good thing I have had a TRX for over 5 years now and our coaches constantly stay on top of their game when it comes to learning how to use the latest tools in the industry.

I also think that nontraditional metabolic or interval type workouts will come in to play more in 2012. People are finally starting to realize that this stuff works better than boring old treadmill cardio and sitting on a machine.

4) Workplace Fitness/Wellness Programs

With changes in healthcare and business owners and executives realizing the importance of fitness and wellness as well as its tie to productivity we will see more work places find ways to offer wellness programs to their employees.
Right now we provide workouts for one company on site and are in negotiations with two other large companies to come to an agreement on how to deliver this service.

The key will be finding a way to deliver this service to small businesses of 5-25 employees. We will have a solution for this in 2012 and Force will be the area’s leading wellness provider. If you need info let me know.

5) Ready To Go Meal Solutions

Someone finally came up with a premade, delivered to your door nutrition solution that isn’t crap. My friend Mike Starks over at Meal Movement provides a healthy (right in line with Force philosophy) solution to making your own meals. It is affordable, effective and, most important, delicious. No more fillers or preservatives! All natural foods, no breaded or starchy carb fillers (even the crusted items are parmesan crusted) and it is free of BPA and other toxins.

I have tried 28 days worth of meals and love it. Everyone we have had use this so far has lost an incredible amount of weight.

If you order and use the Force Code 2670 or just type in Force Fitness you can get $30 off your order, but only if you do it before Christmas.

If you have questions let a coach or myself know so we can get you set up.

Those are my top fitness trends for 2012; let’s see if I did a good job of predicting them. I bet I do okay being that Force tends to be a trend setter in this industry!

Top Fitness Gifts For The Holiday Season

Here are a few of the top gifts that you can give to someone this year!

1) A Resistance Band Training Package ($50-150)

The resistance bands that we use at Force are great to take with you anywhere and ensure that you can get in a great workout. We have them at the front desk or you can order them through us to give to family or yourself for the holidays.

These are the perfect workout tool to take with you if you travel or get stuck working out at home in a small space. I am on the road at least two weekends a month and I never leave home without my resistance bands. I know that I can always get in a workout if I have these with me. They don’t take up much room and you can use them right in your hotel room, outside or just about anywhere.

2) A Pair of Minimalist Shoes

Not long ago I wrote a post about the minimalist shoe movement and how it can change the way you move and feel. I won’t bore you with the details of the article again, but I will let you know that New Balance has some of the best minimalist shoes out right now. You can get them at the Indiana Running Company and the fan favorite seems to be the New Balance MT20 Trail shoe is the most comfortable. Let the guys at Indiana Running Company know we sent you over and they should take good care of you. If they don’t let me know and I can go handle them for you, they are just runners right ?

3) Self Myofascial Release Toys

It sounds kinda bad when you say it out loud, but we are talking about foam rollers and other tools to help you get your muscles and body feeling great. Foam Rollers, Lacrosse balls, Tennis Balls and The Stick are all great tools, but I have seen some amazing rollers out lately that really take this to the next level.

Everyone should have a foam roller at the minimum to use at home! It is cheaper than getting a massage every week!

4) Stress Relief

Making sure that you aren’t always stressed is a big part of staying healthy. Do what you need to make sure you have some relaxation time. It could be a massage, a day at the spa (Les Champs Elysees has great services to pamper you!), a pedicure or maybe even just the afternoon off to go out and talk a hike on the trail. Just make sure you get yourself some stress relief.

5) The Best Training Services

I have to shamelessly promote the fact that you could always get a loved one, significant other, office worker or your young athlete a membership to Force for the holidays and we will make sure to treat them right. I know the owner so we can make sure to take good care of you and get you set up with whatever you want to give them ?
There might not be a better gift than giving someone the chance to change their life, empower them to make decisions that will enhance their life and showing that really care about them.

Those are my top fitness trends and gifts for the upcoming holiday season and 2012. Comment below and let me know what you think.

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