Force Athlete Update & Spotlights – September

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We had a great month of training here with our athletes! The two athlete’s I’d like to highlight for this month are Faye Bryan and Izzy Hamilton.

Faye Bryan did some very impressive things last week, things she didn’t believe she could even do. She was able to repetitively jump over 30 inch hurdles like a gazelle and trap bar deadlift 90 kilos (198lbs) like it was a feather. She showed a lot of mental toughness because she had some serious doubt about her ability to execute both exercises. She highlights exactly what we are hoping to get out of our athletes. First, we want our athletes to push themselves to limits they didn’t even realize were possible. Secondly, we want to help our athletes develop mental toughness by executing under internal and external pressure. Finally, we want to help our athletes become physically better, which Faye is a fantastic demonstration of. Very few are more athletic than Faye.

Izzy Hamilton is one of the hardest working athletes we have at Force. She’s been coming in two times a week for the past few months. NO MATTER WHAT! There is a well known saying that “hard work pays off” and for Izzy it has. When she joined us a few months back her goal was to become a better athlete. After a few months of consistent hard work she can now say she’s one of the best athletes on her team. Her “lightbulb” moment came during team sprints when she was neck and neck with the fastest girls on her team, girls who used to be significantly faster than her. Izzy demonstrates two other fundamental qualities we expect out of our athletes and that is consistency and hard work. A lot of people can work hard but not many people can work hard over a long period of time. When one is able to work hard for a long period time they are able to maximize their athleticism and help their strength transfer to their field of play. Izzy has done a fantastic job and we are very proud of her.

News and Announcements

Calling all parents of 7-12 year olds! Come have your child join our new Force Junior Champions program this month! This is one of the best things you could do for your child’s long term athletic development. We teach them how to be an athlete through fun gameplay and fundamental exercise. 7-12 years of age is a very sensitive time for developing athleticism. It’s a time where if you don’t use it, YOU WILL actually lose it. This period of time lays the groundwork for speed, strength and power and ensures your child maximizes their athleticism when they get older. If you want more information, contact us directly through email or phone and we’ll get you set up with a free session to try it out!

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