Force Athlete Wins Second at State

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Mac Rogers, senior at Bloomington North, will graduate at the end of the school year as one of the most decorated athletes in the school’s history, but his journey won’t end there.

“Getting second in State was a great way to end my high school career,” Mac says. “I knew my long hours over the past year would pay off in the long run, and to go out playing the last match of the season was fantastic.”

Every year, State is something Mac looks forward to. He has competed in the Final Four multiple times but has never broken through to the Finals until this year. He actually played his hitting partner, who is number four in the State, in the second round of Sectionals, and after he won that match he knew he had a good chance of getting to the finals.

“The State Finals always bring out nerves,” Mac says. “But since I picked up a few very good wins prior to the finals I felt confident. The funny thing about my opponent, in the final match for the title, was that we text daily, hit together, and even play on the Indiana State team together over the summer. The whole match was a battle back and forth, but in the end he came up with some big shots at the crucial moments and rightfully won.”

After the match, Mac says it was bittersweet because he didn’t fully walk away on his own terms, but he left his mark on the school, program, and the state.

“Tennis is not like other sports,” Mac says. “A lot of your training is done individually, your traveling is by yourself, and you spend almost 6-7 hours a day over the summer hitting thousands of balls.”

He has missed out on a lot of things that kids his age were able to do, but he says that he’s gained a lot of valuable experiences in the trade-off. As a result of his hard work, he’s currently deciding between three D1 schools where he will continue his tennis career.

“I am looking forward to continuing my academic and tennis career at the next level,” Mac says. “The recruiting process has been an exciting time, and I feel the schools I have in sight will provide me with the best opportunity for success over the next four years.”

Coach Vince, who mainly works with him, says that all of Mac’s accomplishments are because of Mac and Mac alone.

“I like to think of him as a Lamborghini,” Vince says. “He’s already a great athlete, and he can pick up on things really easily; our job is just to keep the Lambo on the road.”

Mac came to Force in the middle of his tennis season after having trained at a couple other places in town, and the main focus was to keep him injury-free and healthy.

“Force focuses on the little things that will give me an edge,” Mac says. “The coaches have specifically made a program to improve my weaknesses, and help with injury prevention instead of cause the injuries.”

In-season programming for athletes should look different than a pre-season or off-season program. Vince says you want to keep the intensity high and the volume pretty low. He had Mac doing a lot of mobility work, strengthening the overhead position, and teaching him how to cut and jump to be more explosive.

“Honestly, he’s just one of those athletes that if you tell them to run through a wall they are running through that wall,” Vince says. “We could have had him throwing rocks in here and he would have still found a way to be successful because that’s just the type of person he is.”

Mac is a Lilly scholar, travels to Indy for private practice tennis coaching, and gives his all in everything that he does. As a former collegiate athlete, Vince says that Mac definitely has what it takes to be extremely successful at the next level.

“You need confidence in yourself and your abilities,” Vince says. “Getting to the college level is not easy but it’s half the battle. When you’re there, it’s a daily grind and the people who make it are the people who are willing to put in the work on and off the court and in and outside the classroom to stay eligible and succeed.”

Vince says it comes down to confidence, work ethic, and a growth mindset to always want to improve, and Mac brings that every single day. Even in the smallest tasks he understands that, just like tennis, this life is a process and to be successful in anything you must trust the process and the plan, and continue to put in the work day after day to see the success later on down the road.

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