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Congratulations Carlene Quinn!

Carlene Quinn“I decided that Force may be what I was looking for because it cared more for our community than just elite athletes when I heard about their fundraising for Girls, Inc. and I knew some folks who had great success there.”

“Some friends had been asking me to do a Mudathelon so I used this as motivator to get moving so I wouldn’t humiliate myself on the obstacle course. I needed a program that was not the same time every day as that does not work with my busy family and full-time work schedule. I needed a program that could work around some old injuries versus me trying to figure out a way to accommodate myself with a common set of exercises for the masses. After a family health crisis stymied my workouts completely for 4 months, I knew I needed a tailored plan to get back on track and be held accountable.”

“I had been an athlete all my life in multiple sports so this lack of exercise really threw me off track. To keep myself accountable to 3 times a week in the gym and other activities in between I come most of the time on my way to work. Our daughter attends 3 times a week now and works with athletic training. She has become proud of her improvements as well and likes that her trainers know her goals.”

“Sometimes our time there overlaps which motivates both of us. I am not the most patient person so after the first 6 weeks I felt better and noticed some physical changes but wondered internally if my body would snap back. Two months later I lost 4% body fat and 4″ around my waist and have lessened pain in some bothersome joints by improving my strength and balance.”

“I also like getting a new program. Variety keeps me intrigued and offers up new challenges that are not necessarily just physical. It is a great sense of personal accomplishment when I master a personalized program and get a new one. The trainers encourage me when I feel frustrated or uncoordinated when I try something new. I have become more mindful again of how everything is connected. How well I sleep, eat, and exercise impacts how I view everything. Exercise has always been meditative for me and joining Force has reminded me how important it is to keep a sense of equilibrium and I love how I never have been there and not known someone at the gym. I like how it feels like a sincere connection between the members and staff. I want to figure out another short long term goal but in the interim I will continue to work on the short term successes. Force is a perfect fit for me.”

Congratulations to Carlene for her incredible accomplishments!  The entire Force Fitness Team is incredibly proud of your success and we truly appreciate your hard work!

If you want to get results like Carlene we invite you to take part in our FREE 14 Day Jump Start Program Today! 

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  • Jay Steele

    This is awesome, Carlene. I love reading these stories. They constantly motivate and inspire me to keep at it. Congrats!

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