Force Fitness Client of the Month

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This guy needs no introduction to those that have trained anywhere near the same time as him. He always comes in with a great attitude and smile. Now, I will say he probably doesn’t need this recognition to feel good about himself, but will give it to him anyway. (Just teasing you!)

Congratulations Chad!

Chad has worked very hard to get to where he is today. Not only professionally but also in his physical goals. Chad puts in a lot of hours to run a successful business and has still taken the time to come into the gym and give us 100% effort two or three times per week. Chad has lost 20 lbs in his fat loss journey, but more importantly he has gotten healthier, off medications, and has more energy to play with his awesome four year old little girl at home when he is done with a long day at work.

Chad recently told me that he went to get a pair of pants and had to go 4 inches smaller in the waist and they are a little baggy. He is moving one belt notch at a time closer to his goal and doing a great job. Chad has made a great effort in getting in to the gym every week and making small steady changes in his eating habits that have shown him great success.

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