Force Fitness Clients of the Month

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Client of the Month

Tony Fox

Tony has been attending Force Fitness for about three months and has loved every minute of it. Prior to training at Force, Tony exercised independently. With a combination of pushups, pull ups, and sit-ups, he did his best to keep healthy on his own. With the goal of dropping a few pounds, improving his core strength, cardiovascular health, and general fitness, Tony decided to give the team at Force a chance. This was his first experience with personal training or even going to a “gym”. From the very beginning, he started to see and feel incredible results. As of recently, Tony has lost close to 15lbs, successfully achieving one of his goals. Tony is an extremely dedicated client training three days a week for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. He is regularly the first client in the door at 5:45 am and always has a great training session. His name has become synonymous with hard work among the coaches and other clients. Being a busy entrepreneur, Tony loves the fact Force is open early enough to fit into his daily schedule. Another thing Tony likes about Force is how the programs are specifically geared towards his goals and personal strengths and weaknesses. Tony finds the coaches to be very helpful and plans to continue training for months to come. His goal is to continue to get stronger every day.


Boot Camper of the Month

Chris Allendar

Chris started at Force in late December of 2012. He had tried other workout programs and was very successful for short bouts of time but he was looking for something different, something that would give him lasting results. Through training at Force, he has lost 15 pounds, gained strength, and improved his mobility. His goal from the beginning has been to lose 25 pounds by May 1st 2013 and keep the weight off. Chris loves the bootcamp workouts and really enjoys the group setting. “I love how the trainers push you!” Chris was referred by another one of our outstanding clients, George Trippany. Chris said he never felt nervous. “The trainers were so helpful in making me feel like I fit in. I feel incredible now.” Chris came in with the mindset he needed to make lifestyle changes and wasn’t looking for a quick fix. He works out at Force three days a week and does some heavy lifting on his own twice a week. “I eat clean, no starvation!” Chris works hard enough to enjoy a couple meals every week that are not so clean, but he watches the portions. “My wife likes me when I’m in shape! She tells me I’m not as grumpy. I have a very stressful job that requires a lot of my time and I have found that I think more clearly and am less stressed at work when I stick to the program of diet and exercise.”

Athlete of the Month

Matt McCammon


The entire staff at Force Fitness would like to congratulate Matt McCammon for his outstanding hard work to be named the Athlete of the Month.

Matt has been an athlete at Force Fitness since our first days of opening. Ryan and Wil can recall teaching him the basics several years ago, and seeing him become one of the strongest and most dedicated athletes we have is a really proud moment.

Matt is an outstanding football player at Bloomington South and has played extensively and started on the varsity for the last 2 years. Going into his senior season he has taken on the task of becoming the strongest athlete on his team, to help lead the Panthers back to prominence.

In his quest to be one of the strongest athletes, Matt has become a dedicated Olympic lifter, taking part in Force’s Bloomington Barbell Club 3x a week to work on his Snatch and Clean and Jerk. His lifts have improved rapidly, and Matt is fast on his way to becoming one of the best lifters in the country in his weight class.

Matt recently has hit PR’s of 198lbs in the snatch and 270lbs in the clean and jerk, he even led his football team in a lift contest by hitting a 280 lbs clean to place 3rd in a meet between several large high schools.

Matt’s goals are to clean over 300lbs and snatch over 220 lbs. He is constantly motivated by the encouragement, camaraderie, and teamwork of his fellow members of the Bloomington Barbell Club.

Congratulations to Matt, you have worked hard to be the athlete you are!

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