Force Fitness Clients of the Month!

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Force Fitness PT Client of the Month

Jessica McNulty

Jessica has been with Force Fitness since October 2012, and has lost several inches and pant sizes, in that time! She has also gained a lot of confidence in herself. She is able to do many things physically that she did not think she would be able to, and does not doubt herself.

Jessica would like to continue to lose inches and lose another two sizes and wants to continue to learn new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica says that she likes so many things at Force, but the entire team is amazing! She enjoys meeting new people when she comes in for her workouts, and everyone is positive and helpful. She says it is a great when someone can come into a new environment and people that you just meet are encouraging to push through your last set or when you need help on an exercise, people are constantly around to help support you.

Jessica says she started coming to Force because she was unhappy with her weight. She disliked how she looked. She says that she gained the weight very fast and after a year of going to a standard gym and not seeing results, she needed to try something new. Her husband was encouraging her to try something new, so she called Force Fitness, and she knew it was the place for her when she came in and met the staff. She was a little nervous when she first started, but now she looks forward to the challenges and works hard to push herself through them.

Jessica has been attending personal training three times a week and been watching what she eats at home to maintain a well-balanced diet. Her friends and family have noticed her changes and wish that they lived in Bloomington so they could attend as well. Her husband enjoyed hearing about Force that he started attending with her. She says she is finally starting to feel good about herself and it is a positive addition to her life.

Force Fitness BC Client of the Month

Jessica Quirk

Jessica Quirk has been with Force Fitness since August 2012 and has lost 2 inches off her waist, lost 12 pounds, and 3.25% body fat! She says more importantly she has grown to love working out! She would like to be able to hold a 10 second handstand and be able to do 3 pull ups in the future.

Jessica says that she enjoys the coaches at Force as they are kind and some of the most positive people that she has worked out with. She also loves working out with her fellow boot campers. Her session is full of positive and hardworking people, and she loves it!

Jessica started coming to Force because she realized she had gained 8 pounds over many months and she did not want to make that a yearly habit. She says that she just turned 30 and her metabolism and body are not the same from when she was 20, so she is happy that she has established healthy habits now, as they will help take her through her life. She wasn’t really nervous when she started, as she enjoyed the environment and it just gets better the more you get to know the other clients.

Jessica has been attending boot camp sessions three times a week, and has started adding a day of personal training per week. She has had a lot of success with her nutrition by completing a Whole 30, and continuing to implement the things that she learned with the Whole 30 and help from Coach Matt. Her friends and family have noticed, and she says it is always great to have people notice the changes that you have made.

 Force Fitness Champion of the Month

Patrick Mosby

The team at Force Fitness and Performance is proud to announce that Patrick Mosby is the athlete of the month.

Patrick has been chosen for his outstanding work ethic and his amazing physical improvements. Patrick is an outstanding football player at Edgewood High School, he has made a tremendous commitment to becoming the hardest working and best athlete he can be and that hard work has paid off.

Patrick’s original goals, to become stronger, to become faster, and to become more explosive are still his goals every day. Despite gaining a great deal of muscle mass and athletic ability, he continues to strive to improve in all of those areas because he is never satisfied with his current ability.

Patrick is constantly motivated by his father’s support. His father is the one that has always supported him, after the wins, after the losses, and during the long off-season where most athletes don’t have what it takes. Patrick’s father is a rock of support and motivation for his son.

Patrick loves the feeling of isolation when training. While his coaches support and teach him, motivate him and help him develop, Pat knows that he is getting better and nothing can stop him. The outside world is gone and his only focus is becoming the best athlete he can be.

Pat continues to train harder than any other athlete in the gym because he has a burning desire to play football in college. He will not let his last game be one in high school, and if he continues working as hard as he does every day, we all know that he will make it to the next level.

Congrats Pat, you are a testament to how far one can come by working harder than their opponents.


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