Force Fitness Monthly Awards for May

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Athlete of the Month


Chris Hawk BHSS

Force Fitness would like to congratulate Chris Hawk our newest athlete of the month. Chris has been selected for bringing the thunder to every workout, and his dedication to getting better every day.
Chris began training at Force Fitness just over 2 months ago to become a more explosive athlete. His goals have all been aimed at becoming a better football player, where he excels on the Bloomington South field.

In just 2 months Chris has gained over 10 lbs of pure muscle, and improved his deadlift, squat, bench press, and power clean. No matter the day he knows that he has the potential to be a better athlete when he walks out the doors of Force.

Chris is continually motivated to be faster, stronger because he approaches every workout with the same intensity he approaches Friday night football games. Chris also knows that just working out hard won’t get him there. He is one of the most coachable athletes in the gym, and knows that smart training with hard training will truly make him excel.

Chris’ ultimate goal is to play big time collegiate football. We have worked with dozens of collegiate football players and Chris stacks up with all of them. With his hard work and attention to detail he will get there.

Congratulations to Chris for the award, we can’t wait to see him play on Friday nights next fall!

Boot Camp Client of the Month


Mary Cascio has been with Force Fitness since November 2012. She lost 8.75 inches off her belly button measurement in just 3 months! Since then, she has continued to lose weight and inches. She has been able to lead a healthier lifestyle and likes the changes she sees to her figure.

Mary would like to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and continue to progress to a size 6 by the end of the summer. She is currently wearing a size 9.

Mary says that she really enjoys the energy in her boot camp sessions. She says that the clients are so encouraging and they keep her looking forward to each session, which also helps her be accountable in attending her sessions. She also enjoys the positive environment that surrounds her at Force.

Mary first started because she was stuck at a weight that she was not happy with. She knew that she needed to make some changes and learn the proper way to train. She found it challenging to try to train on her own, and since starting group training at Force she has seen success and finds the group training helpful for her to reach her goals. She was a little nervous when she first started because she is shy and did not know anyone, but now she looks forward to attending and killing the workout.

Mary attends boot camp sessions three times a week and tries to add a couple cardio workouts within the week to achieve her goals. She also decided to adjust some of her nutrition by cutting out some of the bad foods, and really watching what she puts in her body. She also decided to increase her water intake.

Mary’s friends and family are all extremely happy for her success and have been encouraged to look at their training and fitness goals.

Co-Clients of the Month


Marilyn joined Force Fitness in December 2012 and her husband Mark joined in February after she had the chance to get started on her training. Since starting Marilyn has lost over 35 pounds, 4 pant sizes and 12% body fat! Mark has also lost over 35 pounds! Mark is looking to lose another 35 pounds and reduce his body fat and strengthen his core. Marilyn would like to drop an additional pant size and reduce her body fat along with gaining strength.

Marilyn says she really enjoys how Force customizes her workout to fit her needs and challenge her to continually improve with each workout. Mark enjoys that the clients and staff are a very real, friendly group that are focused on encouragement and improvement. He says that the personal attention is awesome! Marilyn started coming to Force as it was a Christmas present from her children and she wanted to get in shape so that her knees would not hurt and bug her as much day-to-day. Mark started with Force because his kids were pretty active at other facilities throughout the country and then when Marilyn started he wanted to support her and get back into shape… “Call it being a good husband or peer pressure, you pick!”

Marilyn and Mark were both very nervous when starting at Force. Marilyn had a messed up disc, knees that were getting shots to relieve pain, but says now after she got the attention and training she needed to strengthen her weak areas, she has been able to postpone a double knee replacement INDEFINITELY! She really loved that due to her knee struggles that the workout program was able to be adjusted to not cause discomfort, but also pushed her and helped her progress to her goals. Mark started and was honestly, not sure that he could do anything, or lift anything. From the moment he walked in the door he was greeted by name from the staff, and the clients also made him instantly feel welcome, at home, encouraged and motivated to keep coming back. He says the environment makes it very easy to want to come back and train.

Marilyn and Mark workout regularly about 2 to 3 times per week and decided to kick up their nutrition when Mark participated in the 21 Day Sprint to Spring Break Challenge. They have both been able to cut carbs and sugars mostly from their nutrition plan. They both started taking a multivitamin, Prograde EFA icon, and Mark takes a BCAA supplement after workouts.

Marilyn and Mark have helped inspire their friends to challenge themselves and some of their couple friends are encouraged to work together to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles.


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