Friday Rant (Again…)

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Well, it’s Friday, and i have a bit of time as a couple clients didn’t show up at the scheduled time so I figured I would write about something useful.

As you can see, I couldn’t come up with anything useful so I figured I would take the time to rant.

Hey, everyone has to blow off a little steam now and again.

Here is what is on my mind today:

1) Holy S$!#@ I am busy today.  Lots of stuff on the schedule and lots of stuff to get done and just not sure how to get it all done.

2) Holy S$#%! Thank God I am busy today and most days.  I figure we can take two roads in life.  One is optimistic and happy.  The other is feeling sorry for yourself and thinking about how bad things are going.  I can be about as hard on myself as anyone.  I have recently found it more useful to look at the good things in life and always find the good.

We have the same amount of time each day, the difference in success and failure or happiness and sad is how we spend that time.  It doesn’t take any more effort or energy to be happy and positive than it does to be a Debbie-Downer.

That and we just don’t know how much time we have left, and I sure as hell don’t want to spend my last days being a whiny little…. well you get the point.

3) Most people don’t give their fitness goals enough time.  I was talking with some boot campers the other night about how I had changed up a few things with my nutrition and started really making time for my workouts and I had dropped about 8-10 lbs in the first 10 days.

They all commented on how lucky I was.  Excuse me????  Lucky???  I worked my ass off for those results.  It isn’t any easier for me to quit eating crap and stop drinking beer than it is for all of you.   Hell, it is probably harder for me than it is for you stop drinking beer, because I just outright like drinking beer.

I busted my ass for 18 months to lose 100lbs.  I have spent the time in the trenches figuring out what works and understanding my body.  I do this for a living, I have to know what works and what works fast.  That doesn’t mean that it comes easy to me.  I just know how to do it and when I decide to do it I go all out.

Take a look at my good friend Matt Sizemore’s journey (  Tell him that it comes easy.  Congratulations on your success Matt!

Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to reach your goals and make an effort to really succeed at them.  Put everything you have into it!  Then maybe you can get the same results.  Jill Burris lost another 14lbs because she busts her ass in the gym every day she comes in.  Tell her how easy it is for her.

4) Wow, I am in rare form today!

5) You have to really dig deep to find the motivating factor as to why you want to train for a goal.  Losing a little weight is not a good motivator.  Sure, you probably need to lose some weight, but why?  Are you having trouble keeping up with your kids and you don’t want to be the dad or mom that has to stop playing with your kids because you can’t keep up.  Is it because you found out that if you keep living the way you are living you will die at a young age?  Maybe you just are tired of getting up every morning and feeling like crap and you are ready to make a change.

Every one’s reason is different, but until you find yours you will never be successful.

5) Effort goes a long way.  You can have the most basic program and put forth a great amount of effort and really work at it and it will work.  Intensity will really make a difference in your workouts.  Even the best workout program will get you terrible results if you half-ass-it through the program.

6)  Protein, produce, water.  Repeat every 3-4 hours.  That is your recipe for fat loss.  Pretty simple, right?

7) DO NOT skip your warm up and corrective exercises.  You cannot expect to perform at your best and work your hardest if you are always all dinged up and your movement patterns are crappy.    Results come a lot faster when we can work at our highest levels.

8) I love Prograde Metabolism and Protein.  Actually, I like all of their products but I am really like the Metabolism.

9) Make training fun!  The last thing that I want is for you to dread your training program or coming to the gym.  If we can’t have a little fun then why are we doing it?

10) I need a washer and dryer, dining room table, and numerous other household things. Anyone selling anything?

Don’t judge me…It doesn’t hurt to ask!  What better forum to ask than here.  It is the Friday rant and it doesn’t all have to be fitness related.

11)  If you have read this far then thank you for everything that you do for me!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our clients, athletes, friends and family.  Without you guys none of what we have accomplished would be possible.  There are so many people that play a huge role in my life and make it a great life to live!   I can never thank you enough.

If you need anything from me just shoot me an email and let me know!

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