Going to Bed on the Right Side of the Bed

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The everyday hustle can make it easy to overlook the great things that make up a day, and being unable to identify these can be a big issue. When we don’t look at the positives in life, we disregard our ability to slow down time and reflect on life. The average human has about 68,000 thoughts a day, and majority of these thoughts are negative, so being able to recognize good things is very beneficial. Living your daily life with love and happiness will allow you to live in the present and be thankful for every day. Now, how do you make that happen?

The best way to put this into practice is to do this: before you go to bed, grab a piece of paper, and on that piece of paper write down four things you’re thankful that happened that day. These four things can be as small as I’m thankful for my pillow, or as complex as being thankful for a particular relationship in your life and why that relationship is special.

Don’t get caught up in the pressure to think of monumental things everyday – being able to identify small positives creates a huge upside in times when life may seem otherwise bleak. It allows you to live life without regrets and be thankful for the past, present, and the future. So give this practice a try and see what it does to your mindset before you end the day. Hopefully, it will quiet your mind and make sure you go to bed on the right side of the bed.

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Coach Bram

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