Great Fat Loss and Fitness Tool To Guarantee Results

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I have never been a huge fan of counting calories.  I honestly don’t think that people can accurately track the calories they are eating, nor is it something that makes a huge difference when first starting your nutrition and fitness plan (especially for fat loss).

The effectiveness of a food journal is that it makes you accountable for what you are eating and allows you to truly see what you are eating.  The magic is in the accountability.  The tough part about journaling your nutrition is keeping it accurate and being honest.  While I can’t help with you being honest, I do think I have found a tool that can help with the accuracy.

I have been using this tool for a few days now and it is amazing.  I have the app for my iPhone, iPad, and on my computer.  I can track things from anywhere and any time.  Heck you can even scan bar codes of your food on your phone and it will pull up the info for that product.  It has the most comprehensive database of foods and supplements that I have ever seen.

Generally I am skeptical of most tools like this one.  I find that they might be useful at times but very cumbersome to use long term.  This one might have me convinced you can use it to track your progress over the long haul.  The fact that you can simply search prograde and all the supplements we have in stock will pop up.  You can customize your snacks and meals.  You can even add your own recipes.

The app is  and it is one of the best tools I have seen for tracking your nutrition.

Here was my log from yesterday and this is what it looks like when you track it:

Now you should not pay much attention to my carbs and other macronutrient counts.  I am testing out a few new nutritional practices and seeing how they work.  My carbs are much higher than I would typically recommend for a fat loss client, but I will explain how to determine this coming up.

The one thing that I don’t follow much is the applications determination of my calories and macronutrient needs.  To figure you profile you simply enter your data and information and the computer will help you figure your ratios.  I am going to suggest that you make a few changes.

For starters this doesn’t factor in exercise and it doesn’t allow you track strength training calories burned.  We won’t worry about that.

I want you to use this tool to track what you are doing and not worry about what the application think you should be doing to lose weight.  We are more interested in losing fat.

To get your calories figured for you personally I would start at 14 calories per pound of bodyweight.  So to figure you daily needs simply take 14 x BW = calorie needs.   You can then start out eating a ration of 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat.  Then you can adjust from there.   If you need to lose more weight you can adjust your calories or bring the calculation down to 12 x BW = Caloric needs.  You can also reduce the carbs by trying to stay at under 100g per day or keeping them at 25-30% of your ration and adding in more healthy fats.

You can see graphs of your breakdown such as this:

Now this app will sync my entries I make on the phone to my computer or iPad as well.  This is one of the best apps I have seen for nutrition.  The large database of foods and supplements, the ease of use and the simple reports make this a great tool.

I know that it will tell you that you need to hit certain markers to lose weight, and they might be semi accurate, but I would rather follow my guidelines and track what you are doing so you can see what is working.

I will go more into this app and how to use it later and for all of our transformation contest participants.

If you want to find out more about the contest and register for the kick off party where I will be covering the use of the this application go here:


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    Hey Ryan you can go into your settings and over ride the macronutrient settings from the default to whatever you want

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