Why Our Group Training is The Best

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We are proud of our group training here at Force. When we started the gym almost 9 years ago, we began with what we called “bootcamp”. “Bootcamp” was an interval style of workout in a group format, with rotations of various movements. At the time, we were the first bootcamp style workout in Bloomington.

Today, we still have the same awesome class, but we have evolved our programming, and have added other classes.

We offer MRT which is a workout designed to deliver the greatest impact in only 45 minutes. We use total body interval training in a group setting.

We also have our newest group training class, ForceFit. ForceFit is conducted in the same format as MRT, but utilizes heart rate monitors to individualize each client’s training. We don’t believe you need to stay in one heart rate zone to get a good workout- we believe you need to train in a variety of heart rate zones to get the maximum benefit of heart rate training. ForceFit also has a greater emphasis on strength training, and the heart rate monitors individualize the conditioning portion of the class.

 Although bootcamps, and group training classes have popped up locally, and nationally, we still pride ourselves on being the best for a few reasons:

– Smarter Programming: Did you know that each month, our coaches thoughtfully plan, and put together the group training workouts? We never throw together workouts. Each workout is carefully planned to challenge our clients based on what they have done in the past months, and what we will focus on in future months. We don’t follow a corporate workout plan that is given to us each month. Our coaches use their training, and experience, to build the best group training programs possible for our clients.

– Certified (and Experienced) Coaches: Did you know that each and every one of our coaches has a degree in exercise science, nutrition, food science, and/or has a certification from a major accredited association? Did you know that each coach also participated in our internship program? Meaning they went through 12-16 weeks of learning how we coach, teach, what our culture means, and more. We don’t hire just anyone. We want coaches who understand our philosophy, who jive with our clients, and who take training seriously. Our coaches do more than take a 4 hour course to become certified to coach in an XYZ class. Our group training methodology has also been featured in national publications such as Men’s Health Magazine, and Women’s Health Magazine.

– Individual Assessment: Every single client that comes to us has a “success session”- no matter what program they end up doing. During the success session meeting we talk about  training goals, sleep, nutrition, stress, and more. We know that health and wellness comes from a variety of factors, not just working out — and we care more about you than just having you come in, and going straight to your workout class. We also take every potential client through a functional movement screen to see how well they move, and to ensure they don’t have restrictions in their movements. This goes for those in our group training classes as well.

– Personal Modifications: Our group training class is the most personalized experience you will get in a group environment. Each movement that we program into the workout has varying levels of difficulty to accommodate both the experienced, and brand new client. This means that if you are joining us for group training, we can modify a movement to be less difficult if you are just starting out. It also means we can make the movement more difficult if you’re a super-star, and need a challenge in your movements. Because we don’t follow a corporate, cookie-cutter workout or movements, we can be flexible with what, and how we program our workouts for each individual- even in a group setting.

– Injury Recovery: Did you know that if you get injured, and feel that you can’t do the movements in group training, we will move you over to our personal training sessions for a month at the same rate? Because we offer other types of training like personal training sessions, we are able to offer this as an added benefit to clients when they cannot do group training. For women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy we will also move them over to personal training when they get uncomfortable in group training. We care more about keeping you safe, and offering you a high quality alternative, than seeing you stop movement completely. Because we have a wide offering of options here at the gym, we can move you to another program if you need.

We can write about how great we are all day long, but don’t take our word for it.. come join us! Be apart of the Force family, and see for yourself WHY we are the best.

In Health,

The Force Family

p.s. Interested in our group training? Drop us a line, and get a week of training for FREE.

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