Happy Birthday To Us!

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WOW!  All I can say is WOW!

I am sitting here and have been held up writing this post for 30 minutes talking about a few changes we want to make to Force with Amber, and the growth that we have had over the past 3 years.  I have been reflecting for three days on what I was going to write this morning and how I would convey my emotions, thanks and thoughts into a blog post.

To be honest I am not sure what to even write and I am going to admit that this post may take 100 different turns and go a million directions before I am done.  I am writing off the cuff and will publish this uneditted, uncut and as it came to mind.

For those of you that don’t know what the heck I am talking about today is Force Fitness’ 3 year Anniversary.  On this day in 2008 I can still remember sitting at the front desk, Wil and I crammed up front together because we didn’t have an office yet and hoping people would show up that we invited or told about our opening.  I had some very dedicated clients that were supposed to follow me from the gym I previously ran my business out of, but there is no guarantee.  Luckily everyone followed.

Many of those 35 or so clients that came over with me are still here today and have a special place in my heart.  Thank you to all of you!  I would list everyone by name but I would probably forget a few of you and offend someone. 🙂

Over the past three years many of our clients have become close friends and some I would call family.  We develop those kinds of relationships at Force Fitness and I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like at this point without those people in it.

We truly do appreciate each and everyone that chooses us to help them reach their fitness, fat loss and performance related goals.  It is an honor to be able to help each one of you.

We have some amazing people that train at Force and we have an even more amazing group of coaches that Wil and I are lucky enough to call our team.  Without them we wouldn’t be able to handle the client load that we ahve at the gym today and each one of them has had their part in our growth and development as one of the best fitness facilities in the country.

The gym alone in the past several years has received many awards and recognition.  It is all due to the amazing clients that we have and the team that supports it.

Heck, I had a package on my desk this morning from The Independent, a newspaper similar to the USA Today in London, and there was an article in it for the World’s Elite Trainers.  I somehow made the list and I had no idea that this was even taking place.  I thank each client that I have ever been able to work with for helping me get there.  I was also featured in USA Today and the Boston Globe.  These things are surreal for me!

Wil was named the International Youth Conditioning Association’s Member of the Year for his contribution to the world of sports performance and youth conditioning.  What an incredible honor for him and Force!

Force and myself were named the Boot Camp of the Year in 2011!  This was voted on my the best in industry and an amazing honor.  Thanks to those of you that make our Boot Camp program what it is today.

Wil and our athletic development team have helped over 30 kids reach their dreams of playing a sport at the next level and changed hundreds of lives of our youth for the better by showing them the hard work, character and dedication it takes to be great at not only sports, but in life.

Wil and I have spoke across the nation this year at various events and many doors have been opened thanks to all of you that have helped us along the way. Without clients that worked hard and trusted in us, without a team that allowed us to do these speaking engagements, and without the support of our families we would be nowhere close to where we are today.

I can remember sitting in our business mentoring meetings with a group of the best in the industry 18-24 months ago and listing out our goals and what we wanted to accomplish.  Thanks to their support, help and friendship we have accomplished every single one of those goals and more.  I remember that we wanted to simply speak at a small event for other fitness pros and now we are asked to speak at international events and honored as some of the best in the industry.

Alot has changed over the past three years and more great changes are coming in the years to come.

I almost don’t believe that it has been three years since we opened the doors and it almost feels like another day to me.  I am sure that as the day goes on and things settle in I will have a lot of emotions hit me, but right now I am simply thankful for the things that we have accomplished and humbled by the thought that we can do the amazing things we do and work with the amazing people we do on a daily basis.

I feel like 90% of the words in this post are thank yous.  And that is exactly how it should be!

I could go on and on thanking the people in my life that have helped us build this business and change the lives of thousands of people.

Thanks to my very, and I mean VERY, understanding wife and best friend for supporting me through thick and thin and allowing me to work hard and sometimes long hours, sacrificing our time together, to help me reach my goals.   Without Kim in my life I would be lost.  She is my rock and cornerstone.  She is my best friend and partner in everything that we do and I can only hope that I bring her as much happiness as she brings me every single day.   Thank you!

Thank you to my business partner and best friend Wil.  Without Wil this business would not be the same.  The past three years have changed the dynamic of our friendship and we have evolved as men, but one thing never changes we are tied together for life through a bond of incredible friendship and a thriving business.   There were times in the past three years that I have had to lean on Wil and his trust to get through rough times.  I thank you for being a great business partner and friend.  Here is to many more years to come!

Wil and I are fortunate enough to be able to work with the two best fitness business consultants in the world, Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry of the Fitness Consulting Group.  Without these guys and the team that they now have working for them we would not be close to where we are today.  I am very lucky to now call these guys great friends and even business partners.  I now work with them on almost every project that they do and am looking forward to doing much, much more with them.

There are countless thank yous we could hand out in this post.  There are hundreds of people that we can show our appreciation to for helping us get to where we are today.  So thank you to each and everyone of you, even those of you reading this that I have never met or that live across the country and world.

We truly do have a family at Force Fitness and it is a great one!

C.H.A.N.G.E.  –  Change Lives Today!

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  • Barbs Factora

    We’ve been workingout @ force for almost 2 yrs, we will be 2 on Feb 2012 🙂 From Factora Family Tyrone, Barbs and Zion, We thank you for all your help physically and mentally. Happy 3 yr anniversary Force Fitness!!! May God allow you to have many more yrs to come so you can help more people & families.

  • Nick

    Congratulations on everything you guys have accomplished!

  • Angie

    WE can’t thank YOU enough! The work you put into custom-writing everyone’s programs, making sure that everyone is doing their exercises correctly and that their nutrition is on point is priceless to us. I can’t believe that I have been there nearly three years. I have never stuck with ANYTHING this long and I don’t see quitting any time, because of what you do for us…even when you make us do things with scary names like “skull crushers” 🙂

  • Michele

    I ditto Angie, though, fortunately, I have never done a ‘skull crusher’, nor know what it is. Regardless, it’s awesome what you guys do for your clients! I’m one of those who started in Boot Camp at the gymnastics studio in Clear Creek more then three years ago. I thought that was great. I was thrilled when you announced that you were opening up a fitness center, and I had no idea how amazing it would turn out to be. Congratulations to you all of you. And, thank you!

  • Carol and Robin

    Happy Birthday Force! We move to Indiana to find ways to get healthier. It took us a year to find Force Fitness and now we can’t get enough. Ryan, you and your staff are great and inspire us to do more and try harder. Our friends and family are shocked that we get up early in the morning 3 days a week (especially me) and exercise! We feel good and have not missed a class. Thanks to you and Force Fitness being there!

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