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Gut health has become a popular topic in the health and fitness industry, and for a good reason: research is beginning to show the links of the gut microbiome and its impact on daily life. Here are two simple tips you can use to help your gut and set yourself up for success.

  1. Upon waking in the morning, have a 16oz of room temperature water with 1/2 lemon freshly squeezed plus ¼ teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt added to the water. This is the Swiss army knife of setting yourself up with proper digestion and absorption for a few reasons. #1: to rehydrate after being asleep for eight hours where your body has been depleted of fluids. #2: acidic nature of the lemon helps with cleansing of the gut to prepare it for absorption and digestion. #3: The Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a great way to get electrolytes into your system first thing in the morning. Sodium is one of the most important players in carrying out cellular action within the body. This is a great way to way to set yourself up for digestion success first thing in the morning.
  2. Chew your food! It sounds stupid but a majority of us do not chew our food enough while we’re eating, and those larger pieces of food cause distress on the gut, as your body has to use more energy to break it down. There have been studies conducted that show healthier individuals chew their food 30-45 times per bite, and people who are overweight chew their food 8-12 times. Chewing your food less often causes you to eat more because you’re rushing through your meal, and not allowing a hormonal response to take place that lets you know your full. This can also lead to gas, bloating, and GI distress because your digestive system is trying to break down an overwhelming amount of food. The moral of this story is chew your food until your jaw is sore. After each bite, put your utensil down and put your focus on breaking down that bite. Your body will thank you because not only will it break down and absorb that food more thoroughly, but more digestive enzymes will be released that aid in a smooth digestive process. Enzymes play a crucial role in the digestion of our food causing better absorption in the intestines.

These two tips can help your gut and set you up for success during the day and for the rest of your life!

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