Have fun. Be strong.

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These two ideas are what I try to ingrain in a young lifters mind every time they come in for training and every time they step on the platform. Have fun and be strong.

Have Fun:

Enjoy your time with the barbell

Enjoy your time with your teammates

Don’t allow training and competition to carry a negative connotation. Enjoy it. Love it. Live it.

Focus, but laugh and smile.

Enjoy and embrace the journey. Most of our youth lifters don’t necessarily understand what this means as they are still fresh to the sport, but set them up with a mindset for the long run. It is a process and one day they will come to learn this.

Be Strong:

Be strong mentally and physically.

Don’t allow yourself to be your greatest weakness. Believe and achieve. It is that simple.

Be strong on your best days. Be stronger on your worst days.

Don’t be timid. It’s just a barbell with some weight on it. It is nothing new and nothing you haven’t done before.

Celebrate your wins. Embrace your losses. Every opportunity is a chance to be better than before.

If we as coaches can simplify these concepts for our youth athletes we will only set them up for more success in the future. Don’t make it bigger than what it is. They are young. Their time will come if they stay on the humble path and put in the work and effort needed. Give them the tools needed to build upon, but let them learn how to make it. Guide them, but we can’t always nurture them.

In best,

Coach Jarrod

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