Holiday Weightloss Tips Part 3

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Holiday Stress Reduction for Weight Loss

This far in the series we have covered why you should be concerned about your weight during the holidays and we have given you the tools to eat and train the right way to ensure that you don’t gain any extra weight- and probably lose some.

Working out and eating right are two BIG parts of the equation but there is one more….

And it is often overlooked- STRESS!

stressThe holidays are a time that should be enjoyed. However,  A LOT of people deal with an incredible amount of stress during the holidays.  There are presents to buy, parties to attend, family gathers and much more.

It is a hectic time of year for many.

Well, if you are stressed your body will not work with you to lose fat.  It will hang on to that stubborn belly fat and make it darn near impossible to get rid of it.

There are a few things that you can do to manage this stress that we will share with you today.

sleep zzz

Holiday Stress Weightloss Tip #1

The very first thing that you can do to help you out and probably the most important is to get enough sleep!

Many people are functioning on too little sleep and it is causing their bodies to produce too many fat storing hormones and not enough fat burning ones.

We could get really into the science of sleep and why it is important but would take way too long for the purposes of this post.  You will just have to trust us when we say that you need 8-9 hours of QUALITY sleep each night.

Does that sound like a lot?

I know for many people that is a huge leap.  You might only be functioning on 4-5 hours currently and think you are doing fine.

I promise you that when you start getting more quality sleep you will notice a huge difference in your energy, the ability to lose fat and many other positive changes.

If you are only getting 4-5 hours currently don’t think that you have to jump right into 8-9 hours a day.  Start off by going to be one hour earlier. Get 6 hours for a week or two and then increase gradually as you start to realize the positive benefits of sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping here are a few tips:

1)   Create a comfortable sleeping environment

  1. No electronics in your bedroom – yep that means no TV
  2. Make the room as dark as possible
  3. Keep the room cool or cold (67-68 degrees is optimal)
  4. Only go to the bedroom for sleep and uh…you know that other thing that happens there.

2)   Turn of electronics that emit light 1-2 hours before bed

  1. No TV, iPad, Computer, etc
  2. Try reading instead

3)   Take a zinc and magnesium supplement or ZMA for more restful sleep

4)   Avoid a heavy meal if you have trouble sleeping after eating

5)   Avoid heavy fluid intake if you get up frequently to urinate

6)   Avoid drinking alcohol- it causes restless sleep

7)   Start a pre-bed routine to get your body ready to sleep

  1. Foam roll
  2. Mediate
  3. Talk to your partner about your day


Sleep is critical so make sure you are doing as much as possible to get as close to 8-9 hours of sleep as you can!

Here are some good resources:


Holiday Stress Weight Loss Tip #2mediation

Mediation is a great way to help yourself relax, focus and improve the outlook of your day.

I know it sounds hoaky and you are probably telling me that you don’t have time to meditate.

I am telling you that you are WRONG!

Mediation doesn’t have to be a 30 minute or even 15 minute stretch of time where you sit cross legged on the floor and are as focused as a monk.

If you can do that you are amazing!  More power to you but spending 5-8 minutes relaxed and focusing on the present is a great way to supercharge your day and deal with stress.

I have a pretty busy schedule.  Most people might not know it but I basically have two full time jobs, if not more, and run multiple companies/businesses.  If I can find time to mediate so can you!

Many uber successful people mediate as a part of their day because they realize the benefits.

The mediation that I am recommending isn’t a spiritual one. It is more of self reflection and being present in the moment.

There are some great resources and I don’t even know how to begin telling you how to mediate properly as I am still figuring it out but I can point you in the right direction.

Start with 5 minutes a day first thing after you wake up.  Make the time, it’s only five minutes!

Once you master this you can add more time if needed.

Personally I use one of two apps on my phone to mediate each day so that I have some direction.

Simply Being or Mindfulness are the names of these apps and they help me ensure I get the most out of my 5 minutes every morning.

Our amazing Coach Nate also is a master of meditation and can give you some great advice.  In fact, we do a Mindful minute each week and you can find some tips and tricks over on our FB page or on our YouTube Page.

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Trust me on this one….you will feel great after you start implementing this habit into your day.


Holiday Stress Weightloss Tip #3gratitude

Gratitude Journals are becoming very popular and for good reason.  It is easy to get caught up focusing on all the things that you have to do and the troubles in your life but forget all the good that is going on around you.

Have you ever noticed that most of the successful people you know are also the most happy and they see the best in everything?

That is because most of them understand the power of recognizing the good things in life and focusing on those.

Each morning after your mediation take a few minutes to write down 3 things that you are grateful for or that are going well in your life.  Even in the worst times you can find 3 things!

One of my mentors does this each day and carries around the 3×5 notecard with him each day.  When things get tough during his day he pulls out that card and reads it to bring him back to a place of gratitude.

Hmmm…. Maybe there is something to this whole gratitude journal!

Give it a try during the holiday season and see if it can change your outlook during the most stressful periods of time.

Often times we are going to find exactly what we are looking for in life.  If you focus on the positive more positive things will come your way.


Holiday Stress Weightloss Tip #4trail

Take a long walk!

It is getting cold outside and it is getting dark early in the evening so I understand how tough it can be to get out and take a walk.  But at least a few times per week head out and walk for a few minutes.  Enjoy the scenery and escape everyday life.

I have trouble with this in the fall and winter time so I make sure to get in long walks on the weekends when I have the extra time. I head out to a trail and put my headphones in with a podcast playing about fitness, nutrition or some type of leadership and just spend some time by myself.

It is my quiet time and reflecting time for the week.   I am less stressed, less anxious and stay grounded much better if I can get in a few walks a week or at least one long walk a week on the weekends.

The time alone or even with your someone special to you in life can be a great way to connect with yourself or that person.

Give it a try.  It might seem odd at first but I assure that long walks, hikes on the trails and time by yourself or with someone special will do wonders for reducing your stress levels.

There isn’t anything special about how far you walk, how many steps or any of those details.  Just head out, walk at a comfortable pace and enjoy the world around you.


Holiday Stress Weightloss Tip #5day planner

Plan your day!

There is very little that is more stressful to me than not knowing how I am going to tackle my endless to-do list or worse yet not knowing everything that I need to get accomplished.

Each night before you head to bed write down everything that you need to get out of your head and plan your next day.  It allows you to sleep better at night knowing you have a plan so that you won’t forget anything and it will give a head start in the morning when everyone else is planning out their day in a hurry.

Plan your shopping, plan your family time, plan it all!  If it is important plan it and put it in a schedule so that you make sure it happens.

This can be a tough habit to start but once you do it will be one that will stick with you for a long time and pay off big dividends.

Make sure you are making your to-do list, being realistic about what you can accomplish and scheduling the important things in life.

I can’t tell you how many business owners I consult with each week that don’t plan their day and they struggle to get things done and always feel overwhelmed.

When planning your day start with 1-2 big activities or tasks that you must complete and work backwards from there.  Plan in your family time so that it has the same importance as your work or errands.

And, don’t try to cram in 72 hours of work into a 8 or 10 hour day.  It will leave your frustrated and stressed.  Be realistic about what needs to get done and what can gert done.

One of my favorite articles about getting a lot done is the 20 Mile March which you can find here:


That wraps up our Holiday Weightloss Tips series!  I hope that you enjoyed it and learned a few things along the way.  It is our mission to help as many people as possible get in the best shape of their life.

Force Fitness is turning 5 this week and we are incredibly grateful for everyone who has made this possible.  We have some incredible supporters and a great team of people that are all helping us make a big impact on this world and in our community.

In fact we have a big mission this year for our 5th anniversary!  We want to help 500 people in Bloomington get in the best shape of their life!

To do this we are offering anyone in Bloomington the chance to sit with one of our coaches and we will design a program for you to help you get incredible results.  There is no commitment or fee involved.  We are simply on a mission to help as many people as possible!

If you are interested in having us write your program and you live in the Bloomington area please fill out the form below so that we can contact you and get you set up with your Success Session

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