At-home 4th of July Workout

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Force will be closed on the 4th of July to celebrate America’s Independence Day. We know that some of you like to get a workout in even on a day off, so Coach Branden has put together this interval workout that you can do at-home, at the park, or at a vacation home/hotel.

The workout was designed to be done in a 4×4 space, and there are three options for the workout; a beginner option, an intermediate option, and an advanced option.

July 4th Workout:

Beginner: 1000 reps    Intermediate: 2000 reps   Advance: 3000 reps

Timer: 25 min OR LESS

  1. Jump Rope x 40 rep (do imaginary jump rope if you don’t have one)
  2. BW Squat x 20 rep
  3. Inchworm push Up x 20 rep
  4. Forward lunge x 20 rep (10 each side)
  5. Renegade row x 20 rep (10 each side)
  6. Skater Jump x 20 rep (10 each side)
  7. Cook hip lift x 20 rep (10 each side)
  8. Mountain Climber x 20 rep (10 each side)
  9. Russian twist x 20 rep (10 each side)

5 rounds = 1000 reps

10 rounds = 2000 reps

15 rounds = 3000 reps

Coach Branden, and intern Bram walk you through the movements in the workout video below.

Happy 4th of July!

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