How did these people drop fat and improve their lives for good?

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It has been a few weeks, heck almost a month since the end of our transformation contests and I haven’t posted much in terms of results.  I guess I got caught up with everything and completely spaced highlighting the awesome accomplishments that were achieved over the course of 8 short weeks.

I love the fact that everyone got such amazingly great results.  It shows that with some dedication, the right mind set and a great plan you can accomplish some amazing things in a very short amount of time!   We are talking about fat loss of up to 52 lbs and some great transformation pictures.

Some of the highlights of the Transformation Contest:

A total loss of 757lbs! It was short of our goal but we had a lot of people skip final weigh ins due to holidays.

A high individual loss of 52lbs by George Trippany

Great transformations by several clients that had struggled to make solid progress for a while.

Over 7 people losing 30lbs or more and over 10 losing 20lbs or more!

Here is a little proof in the pudding for what was accomplished!

Big George and Jodi, a husband and wife team, did an amazing job and lost over 80lbs combined in the 8 week period.  This shows you how powerful that social support and family support is when trying to win the fat loss war!   George and Jodi followed the plan as best they could and rarely missed a workout.  Their dedication gave them some great results and they continue to drop fat at a great rate even after the contest.  We have transitioned them to plan they can stick with for the long haul and I am expecting great things from these guys!

Here is an amazing picture from Jason Nethery!  The dude went from big belly to ripped abs in 8 weeks!  This was my favorite before and after picture of the contest.  It is one of my favorite of all time honestly.  To see changes like that is amazing.  Obviously Jason has a young family, he and his wife also were in the contest together and they both did an amazing job.  This proves that you can do it even when the circumstances aren’t always in your favor.  The total weight loss was about 24lbs over the 8 weeks, but the transformation and changes in appearance are much greater than just looking at the numbers.




These pictures are from Daniel Beals.  I love the side view to see the changes in his abdominal fat.  He wasn’t a “big” guy to start with but was definitely carrying some visceral fat inside his stomach walls that caused his belly to stick out a bit.  After 8 weeks of hard training and sound nutrition he is lean!  The definition is coming through more, his chest sticks out further than his gut, and his face and neck are thin.  Great changes!

This comparison picture is one that is very special to me.  Janice has been working with us for a long time now and we have battled with her to get her weight down and fought through a lot to make solid progress.  Janice decided that she was going to prove everyone wrong in her transformation and was going to get into the best shape of her life!  You can see the progress she has made and she is down 40lbs, a lot of dress sizes and dozens of inches.  Nothing beats being able to look at these pictures and know that you have accomplished great things even in tough times.

I am extremely proud of Janice and her family.  Her husband, Tyrone is a member as well and works as hard as anyone I have ever seen and is extremely supportive of his family.  He has supported Janice over her entire journey.  And, who could forget “Z”, who comes in as probably the smallest athlete we have had in the gym and hangs with the big boys no matter what!

This family is an inspiration to everyone at Force!

We have a load of before and after pictures and great stories.  I hope that I didn’t forget anyone that has done really well in the past few months.

I wanted to post these for a couple of reasons:

1)      To highlight and acknowledge the accomplishments of our great members.

2)      To let you know that you can do it too!

If you put your mind to it and really work at transforming your body you can do it!  None of these people had perfect circumstances.  None of them go special treatment in their training.  They simply put in the work, dedicated themselves to the goal and got it done!

I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you that does the exact same thing!


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