How to Make a Warm Up

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Let’s face it, warming up kinda sucks. It feels like it takes forever when all you’re trying to do is work up a sweat and get a pump. Everyone knows they should be doing it but somehow can’t find the time. The fortunate thing is that a warm up doesn’t have to take more than five minutes if you’re low on time. FIve minutes can go a long way in keeping you healthy, injury free and moving well!

Just to reiterate the importance of warming up, here are five benefits you get from a good warm up:

  1. Reduces likelihood of injury by increasing joint fluid produced which means more efficient joint movement and reduced joint pain (if you have any!).
  2. Improves blood flow and breathing rate which improves your endurance and oxygen supplied to working muscles.
  3. Increases body temperature to improve your muscle and joint elastic properties allowing you to gain greater ranges of motion safely.
  4. Prepares your brain for exercise. Your brain dictates how your muscles function. Warming up wakes up your brain and gets everything firing faster and more efficiently.
  5. Improves stability and mobility. Your warm up should be used as a time to improve mobility deficits and improve stability at vulnerable joints. Skipping a warm up means you’re missing an opportunity to get better!

Here is a quick warm up that gets the entire body ready in 5 minutes!

Cat to Camel x 6 reps
Brettzel x 15s each side
Child’s Pose with Lat Lean x 15s each side
Cook Hip Lift x 6 reps each
Walking Knee Hug x 10yds
Cradle Walk x 10yds
Reverse Lunge with Overhead Reach x 10yds
Shuffle x 10yds each
Carioca x 10yds each
Backpedal x 10yds each

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