How Would You Live if You Knew You Were Going to Live Forever?

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How would you live your life if you knew you would live to forever?

I was recently listening to a podcast by a chiropractor by the name of Jordan Shallow, and in this episode the necessity of asking the important questions came up. The questions that often come up when two friends or sharing a coffee or when a family sits around the dinner table. This particular question really resonated with me. How would you live your life if you knew you would live forever? 

It’s often that people tell one another that we need to live like we only have today, and tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. Is this really the way we should live our lives?

The more I thought about this question, the greater impact it began to have on me. Living life as if tomorrow isn’t a guarantee may have its merits, but it also may prompt us to make some decisions that we won’t be proud of in the future.  I believe one of the greatest things we leave behind is our legacy, and I hope when I’m gone I leave a legacy where people will say I was an honest and good person. Now there are times I do some introspection and I think “man, I was an ass today,” but even though this may happen more than I would like, I set out every day to bring joy to others’ day.

The next time someone tells you, “you only live once,” think to yourself, “is this really how I should live my life?”

Live in a way that allows you to leave a legacy that people will talk about, and build it upon the foundation of what you believe is meaningful and important. Knowing your why’ — or meaning in life — pushes you to your limits because it helps clarify what you do and how you do it. Break the mold and set the example for others by living your life like you’re going to live forever.

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