“Ides of March” Ladder – A workout you can do anywhere!

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Force Ides of March Ladder

20 Rep, 15 Rep, 10 Rep, 5 Rep     (Elite rest 90s and Repeat)


  1. Inchworm Walkout
  2. Spiderman Alt Squats x Each
  3. Bear Crawl Hold Bird Dog Reaches x Each
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Pike Hold Elbows Down Walk Up x Each/ (regression: Front Plank Reach and Rotate x Each)
  6. Split Jumps x Each (regression: Reverse Lunge x Each)
  7. Mini-Band Press Out to Push Up / (regression: Mini-Band Lateral Bear Crawl x Steps Each)
  8. Single Leg BW Renegade Row x Each

Complete all the rounds reps (20,15,10,5) moving continuously until all rounds are completed as quickly as able. Some movements are each side so totals for each side, ex. 20rep each side on Spiderman Squats.

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