Introducing… Our New Fall Interns!

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Every semester we welcome new people to the Force Family by way of our internship program. Each person brings with them a variety of backgrounds, experiences and different perspectives on training. We are looking forward to having Shannon and Arrie with us for the fall semester! They start this week so be on the lookout for them in your training sessions. Read on to learn a little bit more about each of them.

Shannon Salas

Hello, my name is Shannon. I am currently a student in the School of Public Health majoring in Dietetics. I moved here from Richland, Washington to finish my studies at Indiana University. Growing up my father encouraged my sister and I to explore our interests and follow our passion. I gravitated towards track and field because I learned I was fast, which lead into playing soccer. It wasn’t until my adult life I found my number one passion of cycling. It started with two miles a day, just wanting to get back in shape and turned into riding centuries for charity rides. When I moved to Bloomington I was introduced to the one and only Little 500 and road for an independent team in the Spring of 2014. Honestly, I love to experience new and different types of activities. I trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a while, been very active in Yoga, and recently found a great interest for Olympic lifting. I enjoy the physical and mental challenge aspect of each sport.

I am extremely excited to be working with the coaches, staff members, and clients at Force. Not only am I passionate about experiencing new challenges, but also I really enjoy working with others. I find great satisfaction when people succeed and overcome hurdles, whether it’s in athletics, academics, or other personal goals.  My dream job would be assisting clients with their over health through fitness and food. I believe the skills I learn here at Force will immensely help me prepare for the future. I look forward to learning from some of the best coaches!
Arrie Hill

Arrie Hill is a current Junior at Indiana University studying Kinesiology. She has participated and coached multiple sports including; basketball, golf, lacrosse and soccer. In addition to her involvement in the aforementioned Arrie is a certified personal trainer through ACE Fitness. She is a participant in the internship program here at Force for the duration of the Fall semester. Her current passions are bodybuilding and healthy eating. In her free time, Arrie enjoys reading, attending concerts, and hiking with friends.

Furthermore, Arrie is excited to have been given the opportunity to work with clients that have varying levels of experience. She is looking forward to learning new techniques and being pushed out of her comfort zone. Force focuses on the personal relationships that are developed between each coach and participant. Arrie cherishes these types of relationships and bonds because they not only motivate the participant but encourage a love for fitness and health in both parties.

Let’s give our new interns a warm Force Family welcome!

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