January 2014 Client of the Month- Adam Reinhart

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Congratulations to Adam Reinhart for being selected as the Force Fitness Client of the Month!

Adam before and after Jan 2014


Adam has been a client at Force Fitness for over two years. Coach Matt said, “He’s had amazing success here by re-dedicating himself to the basics.  Eating mindfully, smart training, and engaging with the process of improving sleep and managing stress.”


Adam’s first experience with Force was through his daughter Kacey. Kacey tore her ACL and needed help with the recovery. “The doctor we were working with recommended the guys at Force.” After seeing the great results Kacey had with Force, Adam decided to give it a try.


Adam said, “When I first started, I was 238 pounds and on multiple medications. My doctor told me I needed to lose 40 pounds if I wanted to see real improvements in my health“.


I started losing weight and I got hooked!” Adam was able to quickly get down to 215 just by working out. “I hit a plateau”. I knew I needed to make some nutritional changes if I wanted to take my results to the next level. I got involved with the Precision Nutrition program, and rededicated myself to training and eating well. With the changes I made, I have been able to get in the best shape of my life! 


“Force has been instrumental in my success.”  Adam said he loves the culture at Force. “It’s like a family. I normally train at 6 am with an incredible group of individuals. On occasion, I’ll have to attend a different session time. That’s when the Force culture becomes very apparent. I went to a 5:15 session and they just welcomed me into their “Tribe” like I had been there forever. It was amazing! ”


With all his other responsibilities like owning his own business and being a dad, getting to the gym isn’t always easy for Adam. “You have to make a personal commitment to yourself. Get up an hour earlier if you need to, it’s so worth it! You have to be a little selfish and take care of yourself.”


When asked, “How has training at Force changed your life?” Adam said, “I feel better, move better, have less stress, and I’m more mindful. Where else can you get that?” Adam says, “Force Fitness is more than just training. I think Force is hitting on the whole spectrum.”


-Adam Reinhart 2014

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