John Salva is our Client of the Month!

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John is one of the hardest working people we have at Force Fitness!  Always pushing, always challenging himself and always getting great results! 

1)  How long have you been at Force Fitness?

2 months

2)  What have you accomplished since starting?

24lbs lost, increased strength and endrance.

3)  What are your future goals?

Going for 40 lbs and better eating habits

4) What do you like best about Force Fitness?

Programs change constantly which makes working out intereseting!

5)  Why did you start coming to Force Fitness?

I’ve always been active. Last year I just got lazy. No swimming, no biking, no walking and more eating. I decided to join Force cause I needed help getting back on track with my fitness.

6) Were you nervous when you started?  How do you feel now?

Not nervous. I was scared! I didn’t know if I’d make it through my program. It took me at least 30 minutes to recover after exercise during my first week. Then it got better after that.

7)  What did you do to accomplish your goal?  How days per week?  Nutrition?  Supplements?

I work hard every time I’m in Force. I am continuously challenging myself every time I come in by lifting heavier loads or decreasing my support adding in an extra rep.  I come in 3 times a week. In between days I do a few exercises at home. Since the exercises don’t really use equipment it’s easy to do them at home. I have tubular weaves that I’ve been using as my “TRX”. I’ve started riding my bike again on the trail and to work. Nutrition is the most difficult part of the program. I love good food and I love to eat. The nutrition part is still a struggle for me. I try to eat little but as often as 6 times a day. I try to watch the calories I take in. On weekends it’s even more difficult to stick to the diet. So when I give in to my craving I put in a few miles of walking or biking. I’ve been taking fish oil and multi vitamins everyday  and a protein drink during workout days.

8 ) How do your friends and family react to your changes?

My family lives in the Philippines and hasn’t seen me yet. I’ll probably just surprise them in September when they come over for my brother’s wedding. My friends have been very supportive and since I’ve been telling them about the programs, they have been really curious about Force and what it has to offer. Fitness has now become a trend in my workplace.

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