Force Fitness and
Performance Internship Program

The Force Fitness and Performance Internship program is a hands-on learning experience that produces a well-rounded, and proficient fitness and performance coach. Using the Force Fitness approach, interns will work directly with adult fitness, collegiate athlete development, youth athlete development, group fitness, and Olympic lifting clients. Interns will also learn the various elements of performance including power, agility, core development, proper technique, exercise selection, and many more.

In addition to coaching, interns will learn how to be a coach. Coaching is a skill that requires practice and experience. Interns will learn about the coaching process, building relationships, creating an experience, and coaching beyond exercise.

Our program is intensive, and requires a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for the duration of the program, and is anywhere from 11-16 weeks depending on the time of year.

Former interns have gone on to attend Physical Therapy school, become collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches, and successful owners of their own fitness facilities.

If you are interested in joining our internship program, please send us your resume and a one-page cover letter explaining explaining your interest in the program, your background, and what you would like learn from the experience. Additionally, feel free to stop by the facility, and see what we do best!

Current Job Openings

There are no current job openings at this time, but we are always on the lookout for hard-working interns. Check out our internship program to see if you have what it takes!

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