We share a passion for helping young athletes reach their fullest potential

This means teaching young athletes the foundations to make them stronger, faster and healthier down the road.

Our Sport Performance Program has helped develop well over 100 athletes to achieve Division 1 scholarships and over 250 athletes play athletics at all levels collegiately. Numerous state champions, all state, and all American athletes have trained at our facility.

Our Junior Performance Program helps athletes prepare for the next level of training in a fun and engaging atmosphere. This is the only program in the area specifically designed for 7-12 year old athletes.


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You will not see coaches and trainers at Force Fitness using watered-down training programs designed for collegiate or professional level athletes. In our Junior Performance Program athletes will have a program designed to their level: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Just like a baby must learn to roll over before crawling, crawl before standing, stand before walking, and walk before running, your athletes need to build a foundation for elite level athletic performance before they can reach their maximum potential.

In our Junior Performance Program young athletes will learn critical skills that lay the foundation for success in athletics later in life:

  • 1. Run
  • 2. Sprint
  • 3. Jump
  • 4. Skip
  • 5. Throw
  • 6. Evade
  • 7. Build Strength

Junior Performance

Starting at $60.00 per month


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