King and Queen of Kilos Weightlifting Meet- 2016 Recap

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This past weekend we hosted our 2nd annual fall weightlifting meet (and 4th meet overall), the King and Queen of Kilos. Over 60 athletes took part in the event, including a dozen lifters from our Force Fitness/Force Weightlifting crew. If you came to the event, you saw it was an awesome day and could feel the energy.

With each meet that we do, I am always looking to top the previous. This meet was no exception.

  • We had a more athlete friendly warm-up area
  • The meet ran almost perfectly on time (a big deal, in weightlifting meets)
  • We had incredible sponsors who put up some really cool prizes, Nike Weightlifting, Eleiko, and the Mindful Savage.

The sponsors are a big deal, by the way. Nike is making the finest shoes on the market for weightlifting and agreed to put up accessories and shoes to winners of the meet. Eleiko has always been the best equipment manufacturer in weightlifting for as long as I have been weightlifting (19  years). Mindful Savage is awesome because it is the brainchild of my friend Jake Geary (and our GM).

I often judge how our meets are run by the feedback I get from the athletes and coaches in attendance. Weightlifters are nice, so rarely do you get “wow this meet was awful,” but you should worry if you don’t hear anything about the meet.

We heard nothing but praise. There were a lot of people that made the meet run really well (and I’ll get to them in a minute), but one thing that sets our meets apart is that we hire a DJ to come to every meet to make sure the energy stays up throughout the competition.  Weightlifting meets have never had DJ’s on site, and the addition of one at our meets really sets Force Fitness apart. DJ Cole is pretty incredible and has figured out how to do something that hasn’t been done before. Big thanks to him.

Our meets run really smoothly because we  have an incredible community of clients that are willing to volunteer their time to help out. We had so many people come load the bar, that I couldn’t thank them all for fear of missing someone. This is so cool to me that our clients get involved in supporting us like this. Thank you so much.

One more thing, before I get to performances. As a coach, this growing group of weightlifters that I get to coach is awesome. 4 years ago I took my first lifter to a meet, Clark Ackerman. It was fun, but it was lonely, now we have over 25 members just doing weightlifting, that’s cool.  I love the opportunities weightlifting can provide to athletes, both young and old (and in the middle).

King and Queen of Kilos 2016 Weightlifting Meet

Without further ado I want to recognize our athletes that competed and give you a little on their performance. All lifts are listed in kilograms (multiply by 2.2 if you want to know the conversion to pounds).

Cathi Crabtree– 1st meet. 25kg/33kg, both PR’s. Super proud of Cathi for stepping out on the platform for the first time!

Kaitlyn Lipa– 50/58, both PR’s. Got a lot of compliments on how awesome Kaitlyn’s snatch technique is.

Kylie Douglas-60/78, Snatch PR- Took a month off of lifting due to life being crazy, and still comes back with some awesome lifts.

Cindy Hill– 63/84, Competition PR Snatch, lifetime PR Clean and Jerk. Did an awesome job despite not knowing she was going to compete until 1 hour before the meet (I made her).

Katie Campbell– 63/83, Both are lifetime PR’s- Katie is so close to qualifying for the national championships, after just having decided to do weightlifting this spring. She is getting really good.

Aaron Nunes– 75/100- Both PR’s. Aaron is quickly closing in on his big brother Joshua, as the strongest Nunes brother. Awesome lifting!

Sammy Burnett– 87/102- Best meet yet for Sammy, who also happened to make me the coolest mug I own.

Jarrod Nobbe– 73/111- Both PR’s. Former intern Jarrod is getting really good, he has lifted in 3 meets and gets better every single meet!

Zac Hagemeyer-86/110- Both PR’s- Zac is super close to qualifying for Master’s national championships, he even cleaned a big PR on his last attempt to get it, which would have been 3 months ahead of the schedule we set!

Sam Johnson– 1st meet. 88/121-Clean and Jerk PR. Sam had an awesome performance in his very first meet, PR’ed his clean and jerk on his last lift of the day.

Ethan Phillips– 114/155- Clean and Jerk PR. Ethan has been up at Northern Michigan University on their Olympic Development squad, and has been improving big time.

Matt Wieligman-x/152. Although Matt didn’t make a snatch, he did make some awesome improvements in the last month on his clean and jerk.

Jesus Lopez– 128/165- Both PR’s. Jesus performance has gone up a great deal over the last several months. These lifts are getting him close to the all time “total” record at Force.

If you’re interested in lifting with us or learning to lift, then please email me ( to learn how to get started in our beginners group ForceLift, or our competitive team Force Weightlifting.

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