Labor Day Fat Loss Workout

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Labor Day is here but that doesn’t mean that you will take time away from your training.  Hopefully you have had some time over the weekend to rest up and recover  a little.  The best part about workouts on days that you have off are that you can recover the rest of the day.  That means you can push yourself during the workout because the normal stress of work and the daily grind aren’t facing you.

If you plan on hitting up a cookout or enjoying some treats with your friends today make sure you get in your Labor Day Workout.

Here is how you perform this workout:

Complete the first three exercises with little to no rest between sets.  So you will perform 1A, immediately followed by 1B, immediately followed by 1C and then rest for 60s.  Repeat this 1-3 more times depending on your fitness level.  Do the same for the second three exercises to complete your workout.


1A)  DB Goblet or Front Squat x 10-15 reps

Take a DB and hold it at chest height.  Sit back into your squat with your knees pushed out, weight on the heels and chest tall.  Stand back up to complete your rep.  If you are more advanced or have multiple dumbbells you can hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height and perform the same movement.

*No dumbbells?  No problem!  Simple perform a bodyweight squat but us a 3 second count on the way day, pause for 2 seconds at the bottom and complete all of your reps.  The increased time under tension will have your legs screaming!

1B) Push Ups x 10-15

Make sure you are engaging your core.  Perform from the knees, feet or do single leg/feet elevated push ups if needed.  If you still need a challenge use the tempo method for the bodyweight squats in the push ups as well.

1C) Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks x 60 seconds

Pretty self explainatory!

Now you can rest for 60s and then repeat this 2-4 times

2A) Skater Squat or Lateral Lunge  x 6-10 each leg

For the Skater Squat you will start on one leg.  Reach the other leg back and bend the knee 90 degrees.  Lower yourself down by sitting into the squat and going as low as possible.  The back knee should come to 1-2″ off the floor for a full range of motion.  This is an advanced movement!

For the lateral lunge step out to the side with one leg and sit down and back keeping your knee in line with your middle toe as you sit into the lunge. Your other leg should remain straight and you will want to reach your hands out in front of you to keep balance.

2B) Two Point DB Row x 10-15

Take 1 or 2 dumbbells and hinge at the waist with a slight bend in the knees.  Keep your back flat and put the tension on your hamstrings not your lower back. Now row the DB or DBs up by pulling your shoulder blades together and keeping your elbows close to your sides.  Lower the weight under control and repeat for all reps.  If you have one DB then you can do this on each side.

*No DBs?  No Problem!  Perform a T-Rotation by getting into the top of the push up position.  From this position you will rotate your entire body together until you are on one hand in a side plank position with your arms and body making a T.  repeat for 10-15 reps on both side.  In this movement make sure to keep your core tight and move as one unit.

2C) Burpees x 60s

Everyone knows how to do a burpee 🙂

Rest for 60s and then repeat 2-4 times.


That is your Labor Day Fat Loss Workout!  Enjoy!

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