Living Lean Challenge Winner

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Congratulations to Jeri Betar for winning the Living Lean Challenge!

Jeri made incredible progress and won a tough competition in our Living Lean Challenge!  After just 21 days of changing her eating and following the blueprint she lost 9% of her bodyweight and got in incredible shape.  We are excited to be able to present her with her $500 Grand Prize and congratulate her on her new body.  Not only a new lean look, but a much healthier body inside and out.

Jeri After LLC 9-2-2013

1. What were your fears/concerns when you first decided to participate in the 21 Day Living Lean Challenge?

Worried I would be tired and not able to finish workouts. (Actually had more energy and did better at finishing workouts!) Already had eliminated wheat and worried if I eliminated the other things, wouldn’t have enough variety to eat. (Also very untrue. There were plenty of great recipes and variety!)


3. Were you pleased with the support that was provided? Please elaborate…

The Facebook page was great. It was good to see other participants questions, comments, thoughts, concerns, etc. Coaches were always on there as well providing answers and encouragement.


4. What positive “side effects” did you notice during the 21 Day Living Lean Challenge? (i.e. better sleep, better digestion, decreased acne, clothes fitting better, enjoying healthy foods, increased energy, etc)

My headaches, which were an everyday occurrence, disappeared. I didn’t feel as tired and my asthma did not give me as much trouble as it had been. Clothes definitely fit better, even a little loose now.


5. What would you say to a friend considering the 21 Day Living Lean Challenge at Force Fitness?

Definitely try it. It is only 3 weeks and you will be amazed how much better you will feel in just that short time.


6. Is there anything else you ‘d like to share with us about the 21 Day Living Lean Challenge?

I had already cut wheat out of my diet because I found out a few months ago I have an allergy. Cutting the dairy, legumes, soy, etc. made me feel even better.

If you want to take part in our next challenge make sure to join our Fall Transformation before we close down registration on Sept 13th.  Join by registering at

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