Long-Term Athletic Development pays Off: All-State Honors for Force Fitness and Performance Athletes

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Force Fitness and Performance athletes, Evan Crouch and D’Angelo Roberts were recently named to the Associated Press All-State football team. D’Angelo was named  first team All-State as a running back, while Evan was named honorable mention All-State at offensive line in Class 5A.  These accolades were great accomplishments for each individual but more importantly, Evan and D’Angelo led their team to the Final 4 of football this year.

Evan and D’Angelo have been committed to getting better for a long time and fortunately for me, the last 2 years they have chosen to work with me at Force.  Having 2 years to work with these athletes, I was able to develop a plan with the long term in mind.

Corrective exercise, mobility drills and specific flexibility drills should be placed in the program to correct the deficiencies found during an assessment. More importantly though, areas of technique can be focused on during strength training. Long term athletic development focuses on building the foundations of technique before developing strength.  Strength on top of deficiency and bad technique  is not a recipe for success!

In long term athletic the coaches’ role is that of a TEACHER, not a trainer or a drill sergeant. The teacher must be a communicator and be willing to find out how the athlete learns most effectively.

Each of these athletes has hit big numbers in the important lifts but both have spent numerous hours refining technique, working on mobility and correcting imbalances. Most importantly for me both of these athletes have been open to let me coach them, to teach them how to get better. Neither sacrificed the long term for sake of the short term and both have reaped the benefits.

Congratulations Evan and D’Angelo.

Take a look at their highlight videos-

Evan Crouch

D’Angelo Roberts

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