March Group Training Updates

 In Group Training

March Group Fitness Updates


Upcoming Events

  • Coach Branden’s Combat Conditioning Workshop – Saturday, March 9th
    10:30-11:30am. $30 per person. Register by Friday, March 8th. Coaches will be participating…maybe a chance to hit Branden or Pat?

  • First monthly ForceFit Free Workout
    Come workout with the coaches from 12:30-1:30 pm! Bring your friends and family! Branden will be leading the workout.

Class Changes & Updates

  • LIFT: We have shifted over to a more metabolic style so we can continue to burn and lose weight. Clients are still able to get heavier on their lifts but, are now having to work with a metabolic element added to their supersets.
  • HURRICANE: Focus is on a full body attack to really maximize your time. Some partner finishers this month so, make sure your workout buddy is coming to class.
  • RESTORE: Only on Saturday. This month we are focusing on more aggressive soft tissue work (using the lax ball for more than just feet) The core portion is now down to 2 rounds to provide more time for the stretching and mobility portion of the class.
  • Force Junior Champions: We currently have 7 kids enrolled in Force Junior Champions. They have been working on their abilities to jump/land, crawl/roll, Throw/catch, and Chase/evade. Coach Isaac has been doing a great job with the kids. The kids have gotten to experience many competitive and team style drills/games and have really been enjoying it.
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