Mason Ross- November Community Member Highlight!

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Congratulations to Mason Ross for being selected as our November Community Member Highlight!IMG_3855

Mason has been part of the Force Family since April 2014. Mason came into Force looking for ways to improve his speed and quickness. He loves basketball and wanted to improve at his sport.

Mason’s initial goals were to improve speed, quickness, and vertical. Through hard work, dedication, and intelligent program design, Mason has been wildly successful! He continues to improve in these areas as time goes on!

Mason’s dad said, “Mason’s overall athletic improvement has been noticeable!” Better performance on the court and in the gym is proof his hard work has paid off!

We asked Mason, “What do you enjoy most about Force?” Mason said, “Seeing my ranking go up after I get tested!” Mason is a competitor through and through and loves a good challenge. Our Performance Board is a great way to track progress and source of motivation for our athletes. Mason enjoys seeing the results of his hard work.

We asked Mason, “What is your current goal?” Mason said, “Get a 22 inch vertical!” We have no doubt Mason will achieve this goal here at Force!

We asked Mason’s dad, “How has your attitude changed (if it has) about youth training?” Mason’s dad said, “Mason really looks forward to his training and really likes the trainers.  He enjoys seeing his progress every week and wants to work harder to achieve more.”

We are so happy to have an incredible young athlete and competitor as a part of our Force Family! We look forward to his continued progress!

-Mason Ross

     November 2014

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