Meet Our Fall 2017 Interns!

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Every semester we welcome new participants into our internship program. The program takes place for about 12 weeks, and interns work during a variety of times throughout the day with different coaches, and different Force clients.

We are excited to welcome our Fall 2017 interns that begin THIS week! Be on the lookout for them, and give them a warm welcome when you see them in your training session.


Thomas Ngo

My name is Thomas Ngo, and I came here from Saigon, Vietnam, though if you want to hear my Vietnamese name, be sure to book a two hours appointment with me. I will be a senior here at IU and will be finishing up my Psychology B.A. by May 2018.

I am, unapologetically, a soccer fanatic. I played competitive and travel soccer for eight years before an injury finally pulled me away from it. Thinking back, that injury might have been a blessing for me since it afforded me time to experience the game from a different angle. I fell in love with the things I learned from rehabilitation, from sitting on the sidelines watching games, from actually coaching games. I never hit the gym before I was injured, thinking it would slow me down. Now, gym time is the best part of my day. I am very much excited to start my internship at Force, knowing that this will be a big step in the right direction for my career as an aspiring coach.


Stephen Boone

Hi I’m Stephen Boone and I am a full time personal trainer with LA Fitness in Indianapolis. I have been training professionally for two years now and have coached people from all ages and walks of life to gain strength, improve mobility, and lose body fat. Leading people to reach their health, strength, and fitness goals is incredibly rewarding and I have loved every minute of it.

I am always looking to improve my coaching ability in order to better my effectiveness as a trainer. My desire to learn combined with my love for weightlifting led me to seeking out the opportunity at Force Fitness. I am very excited to learn from the pros at Force and to serve the clients to the best of my ability.



Isaac Foust

Hello my name is Isaac Foust, I am a senior at IUPUI. I will be graduating this December. I have been lifting weights since high school but, more seriously over the past 4 years or so. The way in which I train is a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

I am excited about my internship at force fitness and Performance because of how well rounded the gym and the staff appear to be. It looks like a great opportunity to really learn about performance and how the body can work in an efficient manner to achieve whatever goal you’re aiming for. I’m looking forward to the opportunity and am excited to learn under a knowledgeable staff.


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